Ozone Rage 7HX 7.1 Surround Headset Review

Having six cut outs on each side, three on the front and back symmetrically, give the headset some depth and the appearance of a red core. These light up when the headset is plugged in giving it a cool red glow. There are no buttons on the headset itself and it has a plush head strap displaying ‘OZONE’ on the top.

Ozone Rage 7HX-8

Picking up the headset, immediately you’ll notice the weight at 344 grams, which is a very light headset. Which walks us right into the rest of the specs for the RAGE 7HX:

Ozone Specs


We’ll give it to Ozone, they conquered the weight, yet when we tried it on it wasn’t a grand slam. The ear cups don’t swivel and therefore they set properly on your head one way. They do extend 50 mm on each side allowing them to fit to most head sizes.

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The deep ear cups are great for a variety of ear sizes. The big disappointment with the Rage, as far as design and feel goes, is the clamping pressure. It’s very soft which may be desirable for some, but as you shake and move your head around you will feel that it is more your ears catching the edges of the padded cups rather than a snug fit securing the head set to your head.

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We assume this lack of clamping pressure will also result in a loss of some sound quality and noise cancelation once we get further. The cushions are comfortable, but are fairly firm once again taking away from that snug fit that secludes outside sound. The cord which extends from the left ear is 2.9 m long, non-detachable and connects via USB. The microphone as well plugs in to the left earphone.

Ozone Rage 7HX-6

As you run down the cord from the left ear, about 50 cm down you’ll run into the inline remote system which we believe is set a little too high up on the cord considering how long Ozone made the cord. While sitting at your computer the IRC tends to dangle in front of you, rather than having the control on the ears themselves or even pushing the IRC further down the cord so you can place it comfortably in grasp when needed. The IRC has a cool look to go with the rest of the visual allure of the RAGE 7HX. It’s about 60 mm long and is a comfortable fit in your hand. It has the cut outs that show a red core and light up when plugged in as well.

Ozone Rage 7HX-13

As you hold the IRC there are two buttons on the left hand side of it and two on the right, Volume control down/up and speaker/microphone mute respectively. When the microphone is plugged in to the headset it as well emits a red light when active, if muted from the ILC the light will go out. Very flexible and stable is how we would rate this plug in mic, you can move it to any position it will reach and you can count on it to remain put with little push back to its normal extended position.

We previously took an in-depth look at the Ozone Neon Precision Laser Gaming Mouse with the Lepton Rigid Mouse Pad, but we were only missing one item that would set us up for any gaming session, a headset. Today, we have the opportunity to take a detailed look at another Ozone Gaming Gear peripheral, Ozone Rage 7HX 7.1 Surround Headset. Let's take a closer look! DESIGN SPECIFICATIONS The packaging looks great, as it should in order to grab the initial gaze when set on the shelf next to the vast amounts of gaming headsets out there. With its detailed red and black shell and…

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Sound Headphones!

The Ozone Rage 7HX 7.1 Surround Headset is great for the avid gamer! With good sound quality and great volume, plus that handy inline remote control and detachable mic, you are definitely a good bang for your buck!

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