Samsung DA-F60 Wireless Speaker Review – A Wireless Speaker That Will Blow You Away!


Bluetooth 3.0 and NFC technology are packed into the Samsung DA-F60 wireless speaker, which make this device universally compatible with almost every modern day device.

Samsung DA-F60 Front without Cover

Another interesting feature of the DA-F60 is the aptX wireless audio codec. This technology essentially takes the audio that is being streamed via Bluetooth, and removes the unnecessary components from the audio. Of course it should be noted that to fully experience the aptX technology, you would need a playback device that features this technology, such as a Samsung Galaxy S4 or an Apple Mac computer.

Samsung DA-F60 Side

The Samsung DA-F60 also includes an internal rechargeable battery, thus adding to the already long list that increases this device’s wireless connectivity. The battery takes approximately three hours for a full charge, but it will last around twelve hours while being used. This is rather impressive for a device that emits this exceptional sound.


The only unfortunate aspect of the DA-F60 is the price point. The DA-F60 will cost you around $175, as seen on Amazon. It should be pointed out, that you will have a hard time finding a wireless speaker of this quality.

However, the DA-F60 actually became addicting to use. It even became a necessity to use the DA-F60 in the morning while making coffee. The portability of the wireless speaker is great, and really can be used anywhere.

Samsung DA-F60 Kitchen Use

After several hours of use, battery charging, and continued use, the DA-F60 is one of the best sounding wireless speakers we have heard yet. On top of the fact that this speaker will have your neighbors complaining if being used at a high volume, the sound quality that is emitted from this device is almost hard to believe. The DA-F60 produces uncompromised sound quality that will rival speakers of greater size.

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It is that time of year again! Where the thought of Jingle Bells or snow becomes sickening and the summer daydreams begin. Picture yourself sitting poolside, relaxing; meanwhile a speaker from the background is playing your favorite playlist. Sounds pretty good does it not? Well Samsung has produced that speaker you want to join you poolside, or anywhere else for that matter. The Samsung DA-F60 wireless speaker is an excellent choice for those looking to drop a few bucks on a great sounding speaker. Especially one that does not restrict you to your audio cord length, and comes with a…

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Jaw-Dropping Sound Quality!

The Samsund DA-F60 is a speaker that has amazing sound quality, that will rival speakers of much greater size. We would have liked to see a lower price point though.

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