Samsung UN60F8000 60″ Smart HDTV User Review


When Samsung sat down to create the F8000 family, some might think that they started from scratch which they just may have, but from a users perspective, I believe that they incorporated suggestions put forward for some time now.  As much as many will marvel at how ultrathin this HDTV is, or even at how close to perfection the picture quality is, we think the smaller things really make the UN60F8000 an addiction in itself.  The Samsung engine was running on all cylinders when this HDTV was envisioned.

ca_UN60F8000AFXZC_552_Front_black1Features such as Voice Command and Hand Gestures top our list, although the ‘joy stick’ style power button is very convenient, as is the retractable 2MP camera.  We find ourselves using the Smart Hub more than expected and, although the web browser doesn’t support flash and is very difficult even with the Smart Hub keyboard, our movie viewing routes entirely through the hub, as does our use of the Smart Hub Channel Guide.


It is very rare that we find use for so many features in any given TV but Samsung seems to have hit a home run with the F8000 series HDTV.  Compound this with their Evolution Kit that updates the Samsung TV to newer released technologies down the road, and paying a premium to have the best there is just makes more sense.  In speaking with users and reading what seems like a million user reviews, all of which seem to speak unanimously as the F8000 series being the best there is, we couldn’t agree more.  Editor’s Choice!

Stay tuned in upcoming weeks as we publish F8000 updates and user tutorials on many of the features that we spoke of in this report!

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Our report today will speak to a HDTV that has earned the reputation as being one of the best viewing experiences in the world.  Unlike many other review websites however, we have had the Samsung UN60F8000 LED 3D 240Hz Smart HDTV in our hands for some time.  We will be offering the reader a first hand user opinion of the Samsung HDTV user experience, some points good and others that identify deficiencies that Samsung might improve upon. Our purpose in publishing this report is to strike the potential buyer head on with the day-to-day features that they might use after…

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The Samsung F8000 family has celebrated success as the best HDTV available and our investigation supports this. Features such as a Smart Hub with TV Channel Guide, very simple and attractive remote, voice and motion controls, the Evolution Kit, as well as a flat out amazing picture quality make this system a joy to own.

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