Thermaltake Commander FT and Riing 12 Review – Cooling on a Whole New Level!


Normally when we think of a high-end case fans, we think of a plastic device that we shove into any open spot and hope for the best. Maybe the motherboard is equipped to control the fans through the BIOS. Well, thanks to Thermaltake we can go one step further out of the norm. The Riing set of case fans are truly innovative!

The front of the packaging for the Riing case shows a few details of the case fan. With the display window, it shows the color of the LED built into the fan.

Thermaltake Riing-10

The back of the packaging shows us more details and specifications of the case fan, with an great illustration of how you can add multiples of a single color for a wicked look!

Thermaltake Riing-9

Inside of the packaging, you will find the fan itself with two extension cables and mounting screws.

Thermaltake Riing-6

The Riing 12 is designed to enhance static pressure, with its custom designed concentrated compression blade. Thermaltake notes that this blade is designed to “focus the inner weaker circle of air outwards, allowing the outer section to pressurize and compress the air”.

Thermaltake Riing-5

The Riing also features a Wind Blocker Frame, which forces air from the exterior of the fan blades, towards the centre. This again helps with pressurizing and compressing the air.

Thermaltake Riing-7

Thermaltake has gone one step ahead with its intriguing bearing design. The fan is actually designed to lubricated itself, which in-turn increased the efficiency of the fan as well as limiting noise. With the addition of the Low Noise Cable, Thermaltake notes that there is a 24% reduction in noise alone! It’s amazing to think that a single cable can make that much of a difference!

Thermaltake Riing-11

Thermaltake has also included in-mold injected anti-vibration rubber pads to reduce the mounting vibration. Thermaltake notes that the Riing features up 80% coverage!

Thermaltake Riing-2

The last engineering feat, while may not be mechanical is truly important; the LED. As the name implies, the Riing fan features a LED that travels in a circle around the fan blade, rather than just a few diodes facing toward the blade. This not only supplies a gorgeous look, but it also radically different from the norms we are used to! You can pick the Riing up in Red, Blue, Green and White. According to Amazon, you can stock up on Riing case fans at $16.99 a piece. If you are looking for the Riing 14, those cost an extra $2.00.

As technology progresses, we see the progression from what we typically think of as standard computer components, to something one may have seen on The Jetson's. One of which that this is most common with, is Thermaltake. Constantly it seems; day after day, week after week! Thermaltake throws the norm out the window, and brings in a new standard. Today, we have the privilege of taking a first hand look at the new Commander FT Touch Screen Fan Controller, as well as the Riing 12 Case Fan. Both of which throw the previous norm quickly out the window! COMMANDER FT…

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Taking Cool to a Whole New Level!

The Thermaltake Commander FT was possibly the best piece of technology we have seen so far in 2015. The Riing 12 cooling fans proved to be solid performers and pair up exceptionally with the Commander FT touch screen fan controller!

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  1. Brechan Fraser

    While the touch screen is rather pleasant to the eye; this fan controller – and the many others that try be the best – can’t hold a candle to Lamptron.

    Lamptron is the only manufacturer I’ve seen (and owned) that can handle 30+ watts of power per channel; great for powering numerous fans (even the now discontinued Triebwerk fans), and powering a D5 Laing and/ or a DDC pump without a problem,

    So if Thermaltake (or the others) want my hard-earned cash, then they’re going to have to do better than what they’re currently offering.

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