Zivix PUC Review – Wireless MIDI Connection For iOS Devices!

On the bottom you will find a removal plate that lets you install the batteries. Near here, you will also see a micro USB port used for charging. Also on the side you will find the 5-pin DIN MIDI connection.



Ok so what really is so special about the PUC? Well, for starters, it allows for you to wireless connect any MIDI controller to pretty much any iOS device, regardless of age. Provided your keyboard or drum machine features a MIDI port.


This wireless MIDI interface allows you wireless connect any MIDI device to your iOS device, so their isn’t a requirement for a host WiFi signal. Also, the PUC uses an open standard for Core MIDI over WiFi, that means once the MIDI signal are translated into Core MIDI by the PUC itself, any CORE MIDI compatible app can recognize it.

To use the PUC you will need to have your iOS open with the PUC Connect app downloaded. You then connect your iOS device to the PUC’s wireless network. If you are watching the PUC, you will see the WiFi logo change from a flashing green to a solid green – that means you are ready to go! Once your in the app and connected, you will see a bunch of info regarding your connection to the PUC.


From here, the rest is up to you! We opened up GarageBand for our testing and were very pleased with the results. It was neat to see the light on the PUC to change to red each time a signal was being sent from our device through the PUC to our iPad.


Not having to have a bunch of cables and wires between our MIDI device and our iPad was a great feeling! The PUC is truly an innovative piece of technology. It helps to make those who use a MIDI device have an easier life to be able to connect it to an iOS device. Throughout our usage we did find that there was a few instances where there was a bit of latency between making a sound on the MIDI device and it showing up on our iPad. It is important to note that there is no audio travelling through the PUC, just the MIDI signal itself which will then inturn register on the iPad. The latency we found was minuscule and negligible to say the least. For most setups this should not cause any problems.

Overall, the PUC is a great option for any musician looking to make their cable life easier! If you are looking to pick one up, head on over to Amazon, where they have it on sale for $129.99. This device is truly a piece of inspiration, as it shows how innovative thinking can make the lives of so many people, so much easier! For these reasons and more, we award Zivix and the PUC our Innovation Award!

Tech X Innovation Award Opt

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Today we are taking a look at the PUC from Zivix, the latest means for wirelessly connecting your MIDI device to pretty much any iOS device! As technology advances, it's easy to understand and appreciate that other fields would advance as well. A few examples could be the automotive industry, or the medical field, but most of all, the music industry. It's interesting, because not only have we seen the progression of the way music is recorded, but we are also seeing the progression of industry as a whole with the development of new genres. Sticking with the topic of the…

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The Zivix PUC is a great addition to any musicians arsenal, as it is an easy way to cut the cord from your MIDI instrument to your iOS device!

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