Connected Cycle Launches Smart Pedal

Connected Cycle has just announced a GPS-enabled smart pedal that provides its user with many benefits. In addition to its GPS tracking features, the smart pedal also tracks your fitness statistics, helps to prevent against theft, and they will continue to announce new features and rewards. Connected Cycle is a French start-up company who first shared this idea at CES this year. They recently created an Indiegogo campaign where it reached its funding goal in the first day.

The smart pedal will be available in five colours including deep black, spicy red, acid green, turquoise clear water blue, and tangerine. The design of the pedal also includes supports for foot straps for riders who prefer this style. One pedal will include the GPS and cellular technology and a second will be provided to match.

Smart Pedal-5

Both pedals measure 120 mm in length, 102 mm in width, and 38 mm in height. The left pedal, which includes the technology, weighs approximately 390 g and the right pedal weighs approximately 290 g. The pedals are made of aluminum casing with a plastic top.  The manufacturing of the pedal ensures that it is waterproof to protect the technologies during those rainy day bike rides. The smart pedal fits on any standard adult bike and installation of the pedals is said to be quite easy. It takes less than 2 minutes and requires no mechanical skill. Smart Pedal-1

The smart pedal includes an integrated GPS and cellular connection that records the rider’s route, distance, average and maximum speed, elevation, and calories burned, all of which the rider can review on their app. The rider does not even need to bring their phone along with them on the bike ride to gather this information. All information is transferred to the cloud and will automatically update to your phone. If your phone isn’t charged while you’re on your bike ride, the information will still update on your phone once it has battery. The smart pedal has found a way to record all of this information without draining the phone’s battery life. The battery required for the smart pedal is self-generated through the pedaling motion. The pedal’s cellular connection is created using it’s own SIM card, which is provided by Connected Cycle at no extra cost. For supporters of the Indiegogo campaign, there will be no limits on the amount of data available for it’s users and the plan lasts for the pedals lifetime.

Smart Pedal-3 The GPS feature will also allow the bikes owner to know where their bike is located at any time. It also indicates how long it will take for the owner to walk to it through the corresponding app for their iPhone or Andriod Phone. The owner will be updated when the bike is moved, for example when someone is trying to break a lock, indicating that someone may be attempting to steal the bike.  A special tool will be provided to the bikes owner that allows them to remove the pedals, another feature of the smart pedal that helps to prevent against theft.

As of now, the Connected Cycle technology is available in the European Union, the United States, Switzerland, Russia, China, and Israel and they are currently looking to extend the product to other countries. A limited number will be available by the end of the year to its early supporters, with a variety of packages available ranging from $149 to $1490. The $149 package includes a set of black pedals as well as the app, and the more you spend the more benefits you get.
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The smart pedal makes any bike a smart bike. If you’re looking for a way to make your bike ride more meaningful then the smart pedal is for you!

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