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So besides a few hiccups in connecting the Bluetooth and downloading updates, the PLAYBULB is very easy to use and a very fun product. The ability to combine multiple PLAYBULB’s together and control them as a group or separately adds a certain flare to the ambiance you can create. It can be perfect for a few lights to get around the house or to create a fun energetic feel to a party. Invert it and use it as a single tea light holder to create a romantic feel.

MIPOW Playbulb Candle (4)

We’ve had the candle on during the past two hours of studying and while playing with the PLAYBULB we haven’t noticed the scent chip to make much of a difference in the area. In order to smell it we had to put our nose right up to the bulb. The Blow ON/OFF function is unique but could use some sensitivity tweaks. Battery life claims to last 60 days with use of four hours a day. This will obviously differ based on the caliber of battery you use. Over all we find the PLAYBULB to be a very innovative and fun light. The PLAYBULB is currently retailing on amazon at approx. $22/per, $36.99/per pair, or $49.99 for the three pack. They are relatively inexpensive and for the three pack for 50 bucks we think it would make a great compliment to any room. This intriguing device is well-deserving of our Innovation Award!

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Today we take the time to look at the MiPow PLAYBULB Candle. This Bluetooth controlled candle is child safe and has no actual flame. It is a LED color light system controlled from your smart phone. The app can be downloaded at the App Store or on Google Play as is told on the front of the box. Speaking about the box let us take a closer look from the consumer’s point of view. DESIGN When you first take a look at the box the front shows the name of the product, PLAYBULB, as well as the product itself along…

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The Mipow Playbulb Candle is an innovative concept that allows you to create your ambiance in any room, as a single candle or with multiple!

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  1. This product is trash. Blue and regular light stops working after 1-2 weeks. I have three of them and they all did the same. Pure junk – avoid at all cost.

  2. Hi! Great review! Also, can recommend this app for awesome sound-light show https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.makeevapps.soundlights

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