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There comes a point when we all start thinking about turning our home into a smart home.  Clap, Clap!  In our circumstance, our home based business receives countless parcels weekly and being able to communicate with the courier was an ideal thought.  Now, being the typical “I can do anything’ home renovation specialist, this couldn’t mean a simple replacement of a door lock.  Oh no… complete door, Ring Pro Doorbell, Ring Pro Chime and Weiser Kevo BT Lock.  Take a look!  This initial report comprises our Ring Pro Doorbell Review.

Ring Pro with Weiser Kevo Lock

Now the wife wasn’t impressed that I had to accomplish this with only days to Christmas to say the least.  That was until we caught this on video… Yes that is me.  Ouch!! “Now that’s worth it” she said before posting the video on social media!


I purchased the Ring Pro Doorbell and installed it myself.  The Ring Doorbell is a replacement for your present doorbell, and affords the ability to monitor and video anyone who rings your doorbell.  It goes one further, in that, it also allows you to set up zones where you are alerted should any movement occur within the view of the Ring Pro camera.   Video for the Pro is 1080P and color, while infrared takes over during dark hours and early morning, as seen in this video.  The only connection required to install the Ring Doorbell is the wire from your original doorbell.  This is the Pro Doorbell:

Ring Pro Doorbell


Installation, albeit very simple and easy in 99% of cases, can be a bit tricky for some.  I fit into that ‘some’ category.  The Ring Pro Doorbell needs to be hooked up by wi-fi and this is accomplished by downloading the Ring Pro App and connecting the devices wi-fi to your smartphone (or PC).  It will then walk you through all steps and connect to your homes wi-fi.  In our case, our wi-fi signal didn’t appear to be strong enough so Ring sent us a Ring Pro Door Chime that acts as a relay and signal booster, strengthening the signal to the Ring Pro (subject of follow up report)).

Our next ‘inconvenience’ was that our home is a bit older and still running on its original bell and door bell transformer.  This left us with a bit of an issue as the Ring Pro Doorbell needs between 16 and 24 volts AC.  As difficult of a task as this might seem, we simply located the doorbell transformer and replaced it.  This bumped us from  14 volts to 24 volts at the door bell and we were off.  All seemed to be perfect and this is the video that we get!  Check out the snow!

Last but not least, for home installers, we noticed that we had one other issue which was that infrared sometimes seemed to remain on until around 1:30pm.  The perfect example is in that hilarious video of me wiping out above.  We later discovered the problem to be the wall on the right side of the Doorbell, as seen in that video.  The Ring Pro LEDs would reflect off of it and, for some reason, the Ring Pro was using this to determine light levels in the am.  Ring has brackets for this!  With their help, we were able to extend the doorbell out just a bit and angle it to the center of the entrance, thereby taking that wall out of the equation as the color video shows above.  This is how our Ring Pro looks with the attachments.  It is actually extended out, left to the center, and slightly down so it doesn’t have the overhead light distracting the sensors as well.



A few things very unique about the Ring Pro are that they will reimburse you for one unit should yours be stolen, and also, they will even reimburse for installation should your home installation attempts not work.  I elected to rely on Ring Phone Support and have to say that I was very impressed.  It was through their patience that we were able to tackle all issues that presented themselves and there probably would have been no way that I would have completed ‘the perfect installation’ but for their assistance. Their support number is 1(800) 656-1918 and their website link for the Ring Pro is here.


It has been just under a month since the Ring Pro was installed and we are more than happy that we followed this direction.  Packaging is complete with everything you need for the install, including a screwdriver and different color covers. Installation is very straightforward and simple. Support is a phone call away for any questions you have or assistance you may need, and our Ring Pro sees alot of use as we have security zones set up in front, as well as the number of couriers that visit. 

An added benefit is that all alert notifications, alarms and conversations are recorded and stored on Ring servers, Ring providing the new owner with 30 days of free storage initially and then a very affordable price after this period has expired.  Also, the Ring Pro’ price might seem a bit high for some, but when you consider that you can answer your doorbell from anywhere in the world, or the security that the Ring pro provides, it is a great investment.

Last but not least, most reports are completed at a companies request and after the hardware is received.  This circumstance is a bit different, in that, we purchased all equipment ourselves, without any contact with Ring marketing whatsoever.  I am just so impressed with the product that I felt this a very worthy report to compile.  Great job Ring and I hope all enjoyed my bit of a trip.

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