RPNB RP19002 High Capacity Multifunction Biometric Gun Safe Review

Inside both drawers of the RP19002 are two foam inserts on the bottom, and as well, foam padding on all sides.  When you removed the foam padding of the top drawer, you will immediately see the battery compartment and locking mechanism.  This unit takes 4 AA alkaline batteries and the locking mechanism is used to unlock the bottom sliding drawer by key.

If you look at the front wall of the top drawer, you will find a programming button and internal light. The light is automatic when the compartment is opened and will remain on for 30 seconds should the RP19002 need to be opened in the dark.  As an added feature, there is an audible beep that can be disengaged for complete unlocking silence simply by holding down the number 1 button for 4 seconds, followed by a confirmatory flash of all keys.

Should the battery power get low, the user will be notified when trying to open the cabinet by 10 blue flashes of all the numbers along with 10 beeps.  Should the batteries die completely and codes haven’t been entered with no keys available, there is a microUSB port below the fingerprint reader which can be used for opening, or as an alternate power source altogether.  A microUSB adapter is not included in your purchase of the RP19002.


The manual to program the RP19002 is very straight forward.  Simply use the key to open the top drawer, remove the foam and use the key inside to open the bottom drawer, insert four batteries and you will hear a confirmation beep.  The default code for the top drawer is ‘1234’ and ‘5678’ for the bottom drawer, and should be changed immediately.  Simply hold the “PROGRAM” button down for 3 seconds and all numbers will light up once with a beep. At that time program your top drawer code using buttons 1-4, ensuring your code is 4-6 digits in total.  From there. press the “PROGRAM” key again and all numbers will light up with a double beep for confirmation. The same can be done for the bottom drawer using numbers 5-8, rather than 1-4.

Something that we learned, not mentioned in the manual doubles your code security.  When setting your code, the first key designates which drawer will open, 1-4 for upper or 5-8 for lower.  You are not restricted in your code choice to only the numbers on that specific side, but rather, can use any of the eight numbers so long as you understand the first number in your code designates the drawer being opened.


The RP19002 will store up to twenty fingerprints.  To store a fingerprint, simply press the “PROGRAM” key for 3 seconds until all numbers light briefly.  Place your finger on the fingerprint scanner until all keys light up again and you hear a beep.  Again place the same finger and repeat for a total of four times until all numbers light up twice and there are two beeps. Although up to 20 fingerprints can be registered, we suggest storing the same finger 3-5 times for additional accuracy when opening the unit. To open the unit, press any key on the left for the top drawer, or any key on the right for the bottom drawer, followed by your fingerprint.

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