Yale / LiftMaster Smart Touchscreen Deadbolt and Smart Garage Control Review

There is a certain slice of society that lives out of their garage.  No… I am not speaking of those that physically room and board there, but rather, that small group that always have the doors open and prefer time working on cars, lawnmowers, boats, snowmobiles, bikes or what have you.  I grew up there with my grandfathers garage door always open as was my fathers.  When the garage door was up, there were always people visiting, helping,  socializing. I grew up seated in one of those folding off-color webbed lawn chairs. That is why, when I decided to build my own, I went big.  40′ x 30′ with a second floor and three 10′ x 10′ doors.  And as my Dad has always said, no windows on the doors and only windows of such a width that someone couldn’t squeeze through because sure as heck, when the garage is closed, there will one day be someone wanting in.

And that is where Yale / LiftMaster fell in place with their newest Smart Screen Deadbolt to complete what just may be the perfect Chamberlain/LiftMaster combination.  As we can validate in previous reviews, we have perhaps created the perfect environment for garage security, having installed three Chamberlain RJ020 Wall Mounted Garage Door Openers, which have motion lighting and the myQ Gateway to alert you should their be movement inside or a door opening.  The RJ020 locking system also includes deadbolts which lock automatically with each door closure.

Next up, we added the LiftMaster Smart Garage Camera which is synced to start recording through any activation of the RJ020, and last but not least, we added a few LiftMaster 823LM Remote Light Switches which tie right in to the complete security package as they are again activated, with full notifications, with any interior movement in the garage.  Even a chipmunk who fails to leave before the doors close will throw off the sensors, as we discovered almost immediately after camera installation.

Add this to absolutely great neighbors that would be on the property within seconds and an all too friendly Rotty named Kaos who loves that bed bottom left of the above picture and we have…a fairly secure garage.  So… how could we better this… the Yale/LiftMaster Smart Touchscreen Deadbolt Lock.

The Yale/LiftMaster Smart Touchscreen Deadbolt is a Touchscreen keypad with backlit LED numbers that will not wear off.  It is keyless to eliminate lock picking with the ability to create a large number of personal pin codes for different people, and it works with Key by Amazon where delivery auto-locks the door once the door is shut.. Should your batteries go dead, there are two contacts on the bottom of the keypad that you simply touch a 9 volt square battery to and it provides instant power to unlock.

This is the Yale LiftMaster Smart Touchscreen Deadbolt with the LED numbering lit up after installation on our garage door.  Physical installation is quick and painless with just a switch off from the old deadbolt and then programming our Master Code along with a pin or two for entry.

This is the lock as shown from the inside.  There is a LED just above the knob that lights up while in use and a privacy button to the right which disables code entry from the keypad side when activated.

We did come across one hitch with the Yale LiftMaster Smart Touchscreen Deadbolt and that was, in order for it to be programmed with Myq for smartphone monitoring, locking and unlocking, one has to sync it with the included Smart Garage Control.  This will not connect to the MyQ Gateway which we have connected for the Garage Door Openers, Video and Smart Light Switches.  We also encountered a bit of an issue trying to  get the new Smart Touchscreen Deadbolt to register with MyQ but through assistance with Customer Support, discovered that it was more of a phone compatibility issue.  We were using a Huawei Mate 20x and all was rectified with my wife’s Samsung Note.

The Yale LiftMaster Smart Touchscreen Deadbolt is available in Satin Nickel or the Oil Rubbed Bronze shown here, and there are also Smart keypad lever versions available. The myQ App is available  on the App Store and Google Play and, at least for me personally. It helps me remember whether or not I locked the garage door as it is about 100ft from the house; I have mine set up to remind me automatically at 9pm if I forgot to lock the door or left a garage door open. Yale LiftMaster even have a very easily understood video to help with installation:

The Yale LiftMaster Smart Touchscreen Deadbolt has a limited lifetime warranty on finish and material, along with a two year warranty on electronics, for original owner only. Checking Amazon, it was priced at $279.99 at the time of this report. This does not work with Alexa or Siri for obvious security related concerns.  Editor’s Choice!


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