Corsair K70 RGB MK.2 Gaming Keyboard Review

Design and Specifications

Corsair’s logo is a really great looking logo in our opinions. Especially when fitted with RGB lighting. Were excited to see this board when the lights are off and the LED’s are on.Corsairs K70 Mk.2 Low Profile is fitted with 104 keys and spans around three Iphone lengths across and 2 in width. This is a very standard size for keyboard and if it’s not broken why change it? After popping the key-caps off with the help of the handy included key puller, we find the whole new reason for the MK.2. Cherry Low Profile Red switches. These switches were initially designed to serve in the laptop market, however, Corsair has managed to implement them in a desktop role. Were curious to see if the 3.2 mm actuating distance will give us a warm and fuzzy.

Shown here we see the actual height of the keyboard itself. From top to bottom it sits at a whopping 29 mm. To put it in perspective, regular boards are approximately 40 mm in height. Great work Corsair!We will continue to tell anyone we ever meet of how much we love this handy volume scroll wheel. This makes volume control extremely easy and lets us have fun while were doing it. As you can see there are 5 additional media switches that let you control media software while in-game. With gaming keyboard comes the gaming controls. To the right we have our anti ghosting key which disables the windows key for those very intense situations. The other two give you a limited control over the RGB allowing for the saving of personal profiles as well as adjusting the brightness of the RGB’s. For more in-depth RGB applications, ICUE will be the software supported by Corsair.There really is a lot to love about Corsair and its new K 70 Mk.2 Low Profile design. Can it hold up to lengthy gaming sessions?

Glitz and glamour are the Meta for the gamers of 2019. Consumers are more focused on how things look and tend to lose focus on how the products perform. Corsair has given us the opportunity to take a look at their new K70 Mk.2 Low Profile gaming keyboard.We have covered the earlier version of this keyboard so we decided to omit some of the features we felt were redundant for you viewers. Take a look at our previous review here. Were excited to see if Corsair is able to send great performance our way with all the beauty of RGB…

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Design and Specifications
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Glam Performer

We will always recommend a great keyboard and the new Mk.2 Low Profile is no exception. Thanks go to Corsair here for letting us try this fairly priced performer out!

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