Corsair K68 Mechanical Keyboard Review – Spill Protection!

Corsair Utility Engine

Corsair’s CUE software turns owning a keyboard into a whole different experience.  On the outside, the K68 performs very well, moreover, on the inside you can turn this fairly standard board into a light changing macro machine. Being able to add macros and re-map switches is important. More so towards the gamer who is playing MMO’s, however, macros can be used to map commands however one would like for everyday computer usage. CUE also allows the user to change or re-map certain keys.  As far as colours go on our K68, we are fairly limited to red but there are a few features that can be applied to personalize the lighting. There are close to 20 colour and effect modes which would take too long to list so we narrowed it down to our top three.Third place goes to Visor; where the light goes from right to left then left to right and repeats like the head of a Cylon.Second place goes to Rain; as you may have guessed lights bounce down sporadically like rain falling off of a roof. Good thing our keyboard is spill resistant!!!First place goes to the very ordinary custom colour key choice; even though we do not usually look at our keys when gaming it is handy to catch the ones you use all the time out of the corner of your eye.Under the actions tab in Cue is four options which simply give you the ability to disable certain functions. For example disabling ALT+F4 to avoid any unwanted application closures.

Final Thoughts

Our conclusion of the Corsair K68 spill resistant mechanical keyboard is very positive. This was their attempt at bring a semi-budget keyboard with all the features that one would find in a high-end board. We found the wrist rest very comfortable and the keystrokes very responsive. Although the IP of 32 was not spill “proof” it provided a good buffer for accidental spills. We like the customization that Corsair brought to us through CUE. One would think that with the effort put into the light features, there would be no need for an on board brightness button. We had no other problems with this work of art and would definitely recommend Corsair’s K68 to anyone planning on gaming. For the excellent performance, exceptional good looks and an MSRP of $99.99 why not pick one up today? Congratulations on earning yourself a Gold seal!



As an avid gamer, the one thing that scares us is having any sort of drink or food near our  keyboard and mouse. Spills can cause sticky key presses and have potential to even short out switches. Corsairs brand new K68 is here to combat these issues with their 32 IP spill resistant mechanical keyboard. We are interested to see if this board can keep up with competitors in performance, aesthetics as well as software. Packaging & Contents Corsair's K68 is one piece of gamer gear your do not want damaged before getting the chance to actually use it. The…

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The Corsair K68 has been born to serve the gamer searching for his sturdy Keyboard in shining armour. The price is fair and you may or may not use this keyboard to save a fictitious damsel in distress.

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