In Win Rocker Mat Aluminum Gaming Surface Review – A Glass Alternative With Unique Features


When we think of gaming accessories, mousepads are generally at the end of the list. Gamers tend to stick with the trusty old, disheveled cloth pad they bought a decade ago from the dollar store as seemingly there tends to be no difference between surfaces of then versus now. Then you get gaming surfaces like the Rocker Mat that brings so many new things to the table – anti-scratch resistant and water-tight nano-coating layer; a cold, slick aluminum finish that allows mice to flow and move quickly and efficiently; and last but not least, identical performance and no complications between laser and optical sensors.

in win rocker mat gaming surface

Even then it is a hard sell, especially considering you can get larger XL+ cloth pads for a fraction of the Rocker Mat’s price. For $40 it is as difficult to swallow as the similarly-priced¬†SteelSeries Experience I-2 glass surface. The packing of the Rocker Mat also does not include anything extra – where a microfiber cloth pad or carrying case would have made it a lot more enticing.

in win rocker mat gaming surface

With that said however, we do recommend the In Win Rocker Mat wholeheartedly if you are looking for a solid performing, aesthetically pleasing gaming surface and are willing to spend for it. It looks great, has unique features that we have seen from no other mousepad, is compatible with various mice and sensors, and executes exceptionally well. While the sweet spot would be around the $20 mark, the Rocker Mat will regardless enhance your computing experience for a solid $39.99 investment.

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