Publishing Article Success – The Do’s and Don’ts of WordPress and Google


The internet has become a voice to hundreds of millions of people worldwide and becoming heard on the web has become a quick and easy process; well almost anyway.  In the case of WordPress, the available options are vast and range from a simple ten minute installation, where one can blog to their hearts content, all the way to full blown websites that have very complex databases for everything from articles to retail sales.  Examining this report, we hope to find that middle ground and provide, not only a great framework for our own journalists and editors but also, pass on a few of our sometimes hard learned lessons to the benefit of the internet community as a whole.

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Our experience derives from the building of two websites, The SSD Review and Technology X. The SSD Review is a very successful niche website that provides education, knowledge and analysis of solid state drives to the consumer and enterprise segment.  It has worldwide readership, reaches tens of millions annually and we believe its success is the result of providing the reader with interesting articles that are easily understood.  At the time of this report, Technology X was a start up company and an off shoot from The SSD Review, created through manufacturer interest in having the same style content written about their technology.


The framework of both the SSD Review and Technology X is that of WordPress and content management areas of both (where we write our stuff) are virtually identical.


 Google As much as many would never admit it, Google controls the success or failure of your website.  Google is a monster in comparison to other search engines and keeps a very tight rein on all websites within its reach.  They are quick and swift and, should you not conform to their business practices, they will simply change your search placement and your site will lost, but for the few that you provide direct access to.

To a new publisher, many of their practices can only be learned through effective SEO article web searches, enlisting SEO companies or, as many find out all too soon, through hit and miss strategies.

If a new site owner starts their site and provides fresh and original content on a steady basis, they will be rewarded.  Your goal is to reach Page 1 Google rankings and as a new publisher, you will find that you search the web to find ways of reaching that goal, just as we al have.  Conversely, if you copy another’s posted content and publish, you might have a good idea why your site and articles are not being found in search engines.

As an example of how well Google can control your traffic, The SSD Review receives tens of thousands of readers daily from around the world yet, when one monitors our traffic from hour to hour, it only deviates by less than forty visitors typically.  The odds of this occurring without Google are as remote as winning the lottery but, through Google’s effective monitoring of your website, they can actually control how many visitors find your website in their search engines.  As another example, we were able to move placement of Technology X to the No. 1 search position within our first two weeks, this from a total of 4.2 BILLION search returns for the term Technology X.


Before starting your article, you will need to determine a title that speaks to your articles subject.  This title will help place your article in search results as well as becoming part of your articles permanent link structure from the first draft saved.  For example, if we reviewed an Intel 520 Series 240 GB SATA 3 SSD and published an article entitled Intel 520 SSD Review we would put ourselves effectively within the reach of the intended reader, however, we then compete with other sites that used the same title for placement in search engines.

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The concern then becomes one that these other sites may be much larger and established for years, factors that may assist in their articles final position.  Similarly, if you didn’t include the word review, your article would rank lower yet amongst those that included Intel 52 SSD in their articles, countless of these being retails sales outlets as well as forum content.  The importance of creating an effective title cannot be overstated.

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