Affiliate Reviews for September 19, 2016

There are so many options today taking us away from the modern day desktop. We are always curious when we discuss this with people. Why do or don’t you have one? In our household we do. As a matter of fact we have three and an iMac. Don’t get me going on that one, she says with a grin. Truth be known, it sits on a swivel arm, on our livingroom wall for easy access. Today, we have pulled together a number of the latest chassis reviews from our affiliates to maybe, just maybe, get you swayed back to the benefits of a desktop.H


CRUCIAL MX300 SSD Review @ TheSSDReview


Whether it be on cars or computers, enthusiasts are always looking for ways to improve performance, ways to just one up their friends, or even just ways to spend money on their hobby when they have nothing else to do with it. Who doesn’t like having the best of the best at times? We know we sure love it. But, sometimes, the best of the best can be pricey or just doesn’t make sense for your application.



  • Asus ROG G752VS Laptop Review: GeForce GTX 1070 Inside @ Techspot
  • PCSpecialist Defiance III 17.3 Laptop Review (w/ GTX 1060) @ Kitguru



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