Apple iPhone 5S Rumoured Release Date And Specifications

With Samsung releasing the Galaxy S4 at the end of April, Apple is rumored to be in production of its new flagship phone possibly for a summer release. Samsung managed to outsell apple with the Galaxy SIII for the first time in history. Many are speculating that the new iPhone 5S will not be anything more than a few upgrades, much like the Apple iPhone 4S which was minor but needed the many bug fixes the iPhone 4 had (Vulcan pinch) plus a slew of other issues. The iPhone 5 release was still a success and proved Apple could continue without Steve Jobs.

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Apple has a lot to do if they want to compete with Samsung, Sony and HTC this time around; even facebook is partnering up with HTC and making a smartphone. Tech companies like BlackBerry (formerly RIM) releasing a make or break phone like the BlackBerry Z10 means the competition has never been fiercer, especially since Apple’s shares have dropped 35% from its high of $702.10 this past September.

The rumored specifications include the use of the A6X processor which is used in the iPad 4 currently. A larger rumor is the development of new A7 processor, since Samsung’s A6 contract with apple will expire eventually. That would leave the two tech giants with less partnership and even more animosity, if that’s even possible.

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iOS 7 was just reportedly held back so I wouldn’t get my hopes up for a new release anytime soon. To fit in with Steve Jobs original design the body will probably remain the same including the retina display. Other upgrades would most likely be the camera. Samsung is cramming a 13MP camera into the next Galaxy S4 so unless Apple wants to fall behind that’s a wanted upgrade.

The battery has always been Apple’s Achilles’ heel; if one thing needs to be upgraded that would be it.

Let’s hope the iPhone 5S inspires more competition in the ever growing crazy world of smartphones, and surely it will as Apple also has been rumored to be making a more affordable phone for developing countries later this year.

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