ASRock Releases BIOS Patch to Fix Skylake Bug

Before reading anymore, if you have a 100 series motherboard from ASRock, go to there BIOS download page (linked here) and update your BIOS. This was a topic we discussed frequently with memory and motherboard manufacturers at this years Consumer Electronics Show and we were told to wait, well the wait is finally over.

Skylake bug fix asrock

For those who may not know, there was a bug where under complex workloads, such as Prime95 testing, Skylake systems would freeze. This is something we encountered with our ASRock Z170 OC Formula, and the only means to bypass this temporarily was to over-volt the memory beyond probably and acceptable point. Now with our BIOS upgraded to 2.10, with a listed update to microcode at 0x74, we should expect to see a more stable system.

ASROCK Z170 OC Formula

Stay tuned for more BIOS updates as we are sure other motherboard manufacturers will be dropping their versions very shortly, but as far as we can see ASRock is the first to do so!

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