Cougar Release at Computex 2014 – Peripherals, Steam OS, PSU’s and More!

Just before Computex this year, Cougar has announced it’s release plans for the rest of this year and for early 2015. Merely judging from the brief information they’ve divulged, it’s clear that Cougar plans on becoming a major competitor in the electronics market, especially with their increasing interest in the computer gaming side of things.

Cougar Computex

Cougar has made their plans clear, they want to make their presence more known within the eSports and gaming market. Being introduced is a new line of gaming peripherals tailored towards gamers, creating both their own hardware and software. Their previous entries into the gaming peripherals market, such as the Cougar 700M, boasted an impressive array of features as well as a brilliant designs that won them both iF awards (international design awards). With that in mind, plus the fact that they’re way more knowledgeable  and experienced after their flagship products, their new line of products is definitely worth keeping an eye on.

Cougar 700M Announcement

Besides the new line of peripherals, Cougar also plans on making a name for itself within the Steam OS movement. Cougar has announced that they are planning on releasing cases that have been designed specifically with Steam OS in mind, which would most likely mean smaller ones with a focus on wireless technology (for home streaming) and plenty of multi-media support. To figure out what they’ve focused on in their Steam OS case we will have to wait for either more information or its release.

Finally, Cougar has also announced their plans to release a new set of  PSU’s (Power Supply Units) along the slew of other new products. The next generation of PSU’s are advertised as both digital and budget bronze power supplies. It’s safe to say that in this age of information, not even power supplies are safe! Cougar’s new units will be able to deliver information to the users via an integrated digital screen as well as allow individuals to adjust the PSU’s settings and manage power consumption. Despite all this, they also promise to keep it comparatively priced with other brands, even going so far as to say it’ll be cheaper than it’s competition.

All in all, Cougar seems to have large ambitions and they are definitely poised to strike out into both the gaming and hardcore computer enthusiast market with it’s brand new gear. If you’re on the lookout for the cutting edge in technology, I’d recommend keeping tabs on their newsfeed and website for their new releases. Stay tuned, as Technology X will be travelling to Taiwan for Computex this and will be delivering you the newest in Technology.

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