Enermax Introduces Updated NAXN ADV PSU Series

Enermax’s line of PSUs feature products for every available niche. The NAXN series has been distinguished as solid, quiet and reliable power supply units for system builders and DIYers.


Like the original NAXN, the NAXN ADV features all of the requirements of modern PSU including being 82PLUS ready since it is able to run at 82-88% efficiency with a 20-100% load and is therefore compliant with the 80PLUS BRONZE efficiency requirements. It is also  designed for constant use and is ready for 24/7 daily operation. This is important for critical non-stop industrial class performance at an ambient temperature of 40°C/104°F. And like the original NAXN the ADV edition is also world ready being able to handle 100-240VAC  input with automatic adjustments as needed and with Active PFC for global usage.

enermax naxn adv

What the NAXN ADV edition brings to the table are features and refinements that help it become a leader in the competitive PSU market, such as:

100% Flexible Flat Cable Design – This makes system building and installation easy and reduces cable clutter. It also enhances the internal airflow and cooling performance of the system overall.

Japanese Main Electrolytic Capacitors – Widely known to be the highest standard for capacitor components, these will insure maximum durability and stability for the system.

Durable Two Ball Bearing Fan – For extra durability, the two ball bearing fan allows for advanced fan speed control for optimal cooling and minimum noise. It also has a longer lifetime of use.

Protection and safety are also new areas of focus for this power supply from Enermax. The NAXN ADV edition features several improvements to help make your system safe and stable such as:

enermax naxn adv enermax naxn adv

SafeGuard – This is what Enermax collectively calls the multiple protection circuitry of OVP, DC UVP, OPP, SCP, and SIP that is built into the unit. It performs variously as ways to electronically protect your system from the vagaries of electrical running power.

SpeedGuard – It’s of course possible to cool by just blowing massive amounts of air through a system. But the advanced properties of the Enermax PSU allow it to go soft and quiet when needed by using the advanced fan speed control. It’s an elegant way to keep cool while being quiet.

AirGuard – Another noise control feature is the design of the air-inlet which has an optimal aerodynamic design reducing noise produced from air turbulence.

CordGuard – It would be a shame to throw away a perfectly good power supply because of a loose cord. The NAXN ADV features an improvement to the fastening of the AC cord making it tighter so as to avoid accidental shutdowns of your PC.

enermax naxn adv

ErP Lot 6 2013 Ready – As with all Enermax products, the NAXN ADV has been designed to provide the latest in compatibility and performance. With an ErP Lot 6 enabled motherboard, this PSU help system meet ErP Lot 6 2013 requirements (<0.5W at standby mode) with high efficiency 5Vsb circuitry. This advanced +5Vsb circuitry gives up to 20% improved efficiency in comparison to generic designs.

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