ASRock Announces BIOS Update for 100 Series Motherboards to Provide Support For Next Generation Intel Socket 1151 Core CPUs

ASRock is announcing a new BIOS update for their 100 series of motherboards.  This update will provide support for next generation socket 1151 Intel® Core™ processors.  By downloading the new BIOS update for your Z170, H170, B150 or H110 motherboard, it is effectively resurrected to be compatible with the newest generation of Intel socket 1151 CPUs, and you will be able to enjoy the latest performance enhancements accordingly.

asrock-intel-bios-update-release-mainThis BIOS update applies to not only ASRock high-end motherboard offerings, but also for the entry-level ones.  Users of these motherboards may expect more powerful processing speeds and enhanced capabilities provided by the next generation socket 1151 Intel CPUs, without the need to replace your motherboard.

asrock-intel-bios-update-release-support-list_fotorTo download the BIOS update, you can visit ASRock’s 100 series motherboard model chart here.  Click on your 100 series motherboard in the chart, and then click on “download” in the upper left box.  Click on “BIOS download” to download and install the update.

asrock-intel-bios-update-release-intel-bannerYou can view the ASRock press release announcing the 100 series BIOS update here.


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