Cougar Announces MX300 Midtower Rugged Gaming Case

Cougar, a global producer of stylish and well-designed PC peripherals, is announcing its latest mid-tower PC enclosure, a rugged-design case geared towards gamers called the MX300.  The front panel of the MX300 features a honeycomb and mesh combination that allows for superior airflow to keep your gaming rig running cool and efficient.  Cougar’s goal is to achieve a new “spirit” of gaming case.

MX300 banner

The MX300 supports installation of up to 7 x 120mm case fans to maximize your cooling options: two behind the front panel, two under the top panel, one in the rear panel, and up to two on the backside of the side panel.  As far as drive bays, the MX300 offers two external 5.25″ bays with tool-less design for mounting optical drives or other 5.25″ devices.  The interior supports up to 3 X 3.5″ HDDs, and / or up to 3 X 2.5″ SSDs.  The rear panel contains 7 expansion bay covers.

MX300 angled view

The interior of the MX300 sports a gaming-style black paint job, and it can support multiple graphics cards of up to 310mm length.  The I/O panel includes 2 X USB 3.0 ports, and the MX300 also features air filters on the top, bottom and front panels; of which the top and bottom ones are easily removable and cleanable.

MX300 airflow

Cougar has added extra cable management space behind the motherboard in the MX300, which not only keeps your case interior tidy, but also helps keep air flow optimized inside the case.  The side panel also sports a clear window to show off your tidy cable management. Watch for our future comprehensive review of the MX300.  You can view the MX300 product page on Cougar’s website here.

MX300 magnetice filter

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