Lenovo Unveils Unique Products At CES 2013, Exposes AMD Radeon HD 8950

When Lenovo invited Technology X to their AquaKnox suite, we did not expect much. When we got to the venue however, all of that changed as John Swinimer gave us a guided tour of Lenovo’s current and future offerings.

Lenovo (34)

A few nights before at Pepcom we received a great demo of Lenovo’s IdeaCentre Gamma:

You will notice that like the Gamma, mostly all of Lenovo’s products use Windows 8. Both of the IdeaCentre’s, Gamma and Horizon, have a custom Android-like UI called “Aura” that is launched from the Windows 8 dashboard. The Horizon is essentially the AIO desktop version of the Gamma, and packs the same multifunctional properties.

Lenovo (7)Lenovo (31)

We saw the same two unique products present at the Lenovo showcase, as well as a prototype that is larger than the aforementioned Gamma. It literally is the size of a table, and if you recall, the original Microsoft Surface was designed in this table-like fashion showcasing the TBS game RUSE. Lenovo has definitely expanded on the design, especially with the inclusion of their unique Aura application.

Lenovo (26)Lenovo (29)

There are many new directions Lenovo is heading, such as smartphones. Unfortunately they will not be coming to Canada or the US anytime soon; however they are currently available in the Asia-Pacific region (such as India), as well as in Russia. The dual-core IdeaPhone K900 comes packed with Android and a vibrant 5.5” FHD 400+ PPI screen, while being a slim 6.9mm.

Lenovo (12)Lenovo (14)

Even headphones, mice, and general computer peripherals were revealed. HTPC’s were also on display, specifically the IdeaCentre Q190:

Lenovo (37) 2 Lenovo (27)

The most surprising was definitely the custom-made Lenovo desktop PC known as the ERAZER X700 running an Eyefinity racing setup:

Lenovo (15)

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