Monster Digital OverDrive 3.0 512GB External SSD Review – External SSDs Get Speed, Value, Size and Appeal


By all indications, 2013 is going to the year of external SSDs, just as it will for the NGFF controller we reported on at Computex in Taiwan a few weeks back.  To make the grade, three things will have to be present and these are value, performance and capacity.  As a media professional, I can speak for my peers who would immediately acknowledge that 512 and 1TB compact SSDs have a definite place where temporary storage of large high resolution photographs and video is necessary.

This is where the Monster Digital OverDrive 3.0 External SSD is going to excel.  Not only is it first out of the gate with both 512 and 1TB capacities, but also, its size is that of a small cell phone at only 4.95″ (126mm) x 2.36″ (60mm) x 0.31″ (8mm).  It weighs only 3.7 oz.  Built of stainless steel with etched branding, the OverDrive looks great, feels solid and fits in your pocket, and it has no additional parts with the USB 3.0 cable built into the unit.

Monster Digital OverDrive 3 Angled

When considering the performance and interior build, Monster Digital chose wisely to go with the Phison controller and Toshiba memory, both products having a great reputation.  Performance was a bit higher than specs at  275MB/s read and 178MB/s write and these speeds are ideal for the intended purpose of the unit.

Pricing of the Monster Digital OverDrive is going to be its strongest point.  To date, we haven’t seen any similar device that can touch this price point and Monster’s lowering of the MSRP to accommodate 256 and 512GB capacities below the $1/GB point is wise.  It ensures that all three bases are covered and that this product will be competitive regardless.

Monster Digital OverDrive 3 Exterior Case Front

 The Monster Digital OverDrive 3.0 512GB External has earned our editor’s Choice Award for their ability to provide capacity, performance and value with this release.

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