A4Tech Bloody Gun3 UC3 Headshot V8 Gaming Mouse Review – $40 For The Ultimate Package

Lastly we have the ‘Headshot’ menu that is ridiculously thorough in how you want to fine-tune your macros. It allows recording of gaming settings in terms of how you interact and how you want macros to work when certain conditions are met/initiated in-game.

A4Tech Bloody Gun3 Headshot V8 Gaming Mouse software

For example, when you pick up a gun in an FPS, you can program the mouse to immediately reload it, or fire off a five-bullet burst as fast as possible.

A4Tech Bloody Gun3 Headshot V8 Gaming Mouse software

The amount of options here are mind-boggling, and while the overall layout is confusing, A4Tech have made a ‘Headshot Bible’ which does a good job of outlining the different options, and gives great, almost mathematical examples of how they all work:

Now the catch; the Ultra Core 3 software activation has to be bought separately. The Bloody V8 comes hard-coded in the mouse itself, so no software-side activation is required as the program reads the mouse when it is plugged into the USB port.

Objectively Bloody should have included the software with the mouse instead of making consumers pay an additional $20-30 for the UC3 software. Subjectively, player skill still takes precedence over all instruments claiming to make you a better gamer. There is no doubt that the UC3 software is jam-packed with amazing tools and features that any gamer would want. It really is tempting and worth every penny; however it is not a necessity, nor is it crucial. It is an extra add-on should the consumer want something extra on top of the $40 Bloody V8 mouse.


A4Tech’s Bloody Headshot V8 gaming mouse is an absolutely brilliant peripheral. With a sleek design, great lighting, 3200 dpi, profile settings, and the most comprehensive software suite we have seen for any gaming accessory…the V8 makes us wonder why the Bloody line has been so unknown since its inception.

A4Tech Bloody Gun3 Headshot V8 Gaming Mouse

While we were quite critical and demanding in our review, the Bloody V8 came out relatively unscathed. The biggest concern for the mouse is advertising because there is very little information about specifications and internal parts – which should blatantly be on the box, but are not. While the lighting is an acquired taste, the lack of laser-etched profile buttons is a tad disappointing.

A4Tech Bloody Gun3 Headshot V8 Gaming Mouse

Not many negative points at all, but the positives are plenty. The way the mouse handles itself is sure to win many consumers over, as it performed exceptionally well; the speed, precise tracking, and overall benchmark results are proof of that. The build quality is phenomenal, and the inclusion of the little things such as a braided cable and velcro strap show that A4Tech’s design philosophies are on point. The lack of excessive LOD tracking that was spot-on from the lift-off point is truly amazing. On top of all this, the V8 solidifies the ‘HoleLESS Engine’ as truly innovative in design.

A4Tech Bloody Gun3 Headshot V8 Gaming Mouse

For a $40 mouse A4Tech’s Bloody Gun3 Headshot V8 is definitely a steal, especially with UC3. With the bundled Ultra Core 3 software suite, the ultimate potential of the mouse is unlocked in a plethora of ways. The included accessories also allow a better overall package versus the vast majority of its competition. Finally, the performance is absolutely stunning for a mouse at this price range, so much so that it left us speechless. If you are looking for an inexpensive gaming mouse, look no further than the Bloody V8. The price:performance ratio is through the roof, and for that the Bloody V8 easily gets our well-deserved ‘Editors’ Choice Award’:

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  1. Oh wow a new version of the hack mouse…yay. noob tool

  2. i have a bloody v7, same specs with this v8.
    i have to say, it’s the best mouse i’ve used so far.

    * previous owner of 3.5G DA and G400.

  3. I’ve been trying to track this thing down, but I haven’t managed to find it anywhere. Any word on where I can buy this thing?

    • Oddly, I don’t believe it is available yet. We got our sample a loooong time ago at the A4tech CeBit 2013 booth, so it has been a few months since then.

      If we get any news I’ll let you know where you can pick one up!

    • Oddly, I don’t believe it is available yet. We got our sample a loooong time ago at the A4tech CeBit 2013 booth, so it has been a few months since then.

      If we get any news I’ll let you know where you can pick one up!

      • Thanks, I’d appreciate that! I’ve looked just about everywhere – A4tech has a website, there’s also a website for the Bloody Gun3 brand (where you can buy the software, but where there’s no mention of the V8 mouse). I’ve even sent A4tech an email, but I’ve heard nothing back.

        Oh, and thanks for the review as well!

        • You are right, they are quite hard to get a hold of, and that is primarily due to the language barrier.

          Luckily for us, Bloody USA will be at E3. I will be at the event in a few hours and will directly ask them about availability and any other questions/concerns you may have.

          Thanks again, and no problem. Glad you liked the review 🙂

          • Did you get a chance to visit their booth? Any word on a release date?

            Really appreciating your followup.

          • Hey there!

            Yes I did, sorry for the late reply. I went to the booth and was told a release date of Q4. I met the Bloody higher-ups soon after at a party and they said it is available now.

            Sure enough, it is:


            As you can see it’s on promo specifically for E3. They have refined the packaging and the mouse itself since I received it a few months back. This one has metal feet for increased sensitivity, but aside from that it is the exact same.

            Let me know if you have any more questions 🙂

          • Not a problem! E3 can be a bit messy, I’m sure.

            Looking forward to trying out the mouse in a week-ish.

            Your followup has been awesome, thanks!

          • No problem let us know how you like it!

          • So far I’m digging it. The software has some awkward English, but I like the way the mouse looks and feels.

            My only real concern is with the left and right mouse buttons. They hang over the bulk of the mouse, which makes me worry about packing it in a bag too haphazardly – it looks like they could break off with enough pressure. As someone who moves around a lot, this isn’t a minor issue.

            Other than that though, your review was spot on with every point. Feels good to finally have a good replacement for my old mouse.

          • Thanks 🙂

            As for the buttons, I took the mouse with me to E3 in LA. Went through the usual customs and rough handling. No complications whatsoever. As long as you firmly holster it in a bag pocket you should run into no issues.

            Thanks again for sharing!

  4. Rizawanto Kurniawan

    still just only 1 profile 🙁

  5. where can i buy this in japan?
    A4Tech Bloody Gun3 UC3 Headshot V8

  6. You know what sensor built in ?

  7. This obviously is a great mouse. However I believe it never took off be most gaming communities frown on these bloody mice. The clear advantage gained in games like counter strike is one of the reasons. Several streamers have been beyond ridiculed once people found out they had a bloody mouse and have since switched to other mice. Also this would never be permitted in any kind of professional setting. Many refer to this mouse as a hacker mouse. Which is an accurate statement considering there is technology built into the mouse to prevent it from being detected by servers where the mouse has been banned. One such feature is its dynamic PID. Another is the option to close all instances of the software where it notes specifically to remain undetected.
    There are also forums on cheat sites dedicated to providing profiles to compensate for recoil with each weapon in CSGO pretty much making the guns no spread when standing still.
    After reading their material it’s pretty clear they designed this mouse to give the player a significant advantage and can in more ways than one be considered hacking. People can spin it however they want but this is a mouse that allows you to cheat.
    I’m very surprised that nothing about this was mentioned in your article. Also they now give the software away with the v8 no longer requiring an extra purchase. They must of figures that the type of people buying it would easily have access to ways of cracking the software and was probably cheaper to give it away rather than try and keep it protected against today’s software crackers.
    Either way this was an excellent review. I was very surprised to read just how good of a mouse this actually is. I think there assumed demo is just a little bit below board and that is what ultimately prevented this mouse from being more commonly compared to professional gaming mice.
    Cheers. Sorry for typos. I’m on mobile and driving 😉

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