Cooler Master Storm Havoc Gaming Mouse Review – An 8200 DPI Refresh


It is clear Cooler Master went back and check their own designs to create the Storm Havoc. Borrowing from the Storm Sentinel Advance II and Storm Recon, the newest addition to the Storm line had most of its work cut out. Hence, it definitely is one of the best mice we have tested. It retains many of the best aspects and features that made its predecessors so great. The Havoc is nearly perfect, not only in design but also in functionality, as the software has a tighter, more clean interface than previous CM suites.

cooler master storm havoc gaming mouse

There are a few quirks here and there however. The middle button between the forward and back on the side of the Havoc is in an awkward position, and would have been been better placed above the scroll wheel. Aesthetically, the glossy black exterior on the right side does not make sense, and would have looked better with the uniform matte-black rubber coating. Going back to the scroll wheel, it is missing the finger grooves that allow for a better hold when scrolling and depressing the wheel’s middle button.

cooler master storm havoc gaming mouse

For $54.99 there is not a lot going against the Cooler Master Storm Havoc. It is simply a solid meld of two previous hit gaming mice from Cooler Master. While it does not specifically bring anything new to the table, it does uphold the functionality, affordability, performance, and aesthetics we have come to expect from Cooler Master, which is what matters most when everything is said and done.

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Tech X Top Value Award Opt

For an extended look at colours and profiles check the gallery below. We would like to thank Cooler Master for providing the Havoc for testing and review, and kudos for acquiring the ‘Top Value’ award!

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  1. I like the design. Looks pretty cool. And not too big for my hand.

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