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After converting over to this mechanical keyboard from a rubber membrane gaming keyboard, I am just blown away. The feedback and response from the Cherry MX Blues are just in an entirely different league than my old board. The backlight is extremely helpful when the lights are out at night time. You don’t have to struggle to see any key.

Fumc KB-460 TopThe function assignment software is great. You can reassign key locations, assign macros with the capability to record up to 20 actions in one macro. When you activate Func mode, it disables the Windows key and activates the reassigned keys for a gaming friendly environment. I know I hate it when I accidentally hit the Windows key during the middle of an action packed level and die from it, this feature stops it from ever happening again.

Fumc KB-460 Software

Overall, I am able to easily type faster and with greater confidence as I press each key. Typing on this mechanical keyboard changes my perspective on typing, from what was once a mundane task, to something pleasurable.


While the KB-460 is full of useful features wrapped in a sleek, simple, and modern display, it may not be for everyone; however, there are still plenty that should be able to enjoy it for everything that it has to offer. The KB-460 is a strong and powerful keyboard that offers many of the best features for gamers from proper key back-lighting to being ready for use right out of the box; furthermore, it offer plenty of ways to customize how you use it to fit a number of different needs.

Fumc KB-460 Side

As Func’s first attempt at a mechanical gaming keyboard, it puts on a good show. While only time will tell whether it redefines the gaming experience, this is definitely a great first step in the right direction.

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A few years ago, an era of change came to Func, and with it came a desire to redefine the gaming experience once again. In order to do this, they had to look beyond just cosmetics, and find a way to bring performance and functionality to its peak in one place. That’s where the KB-460 mechanical keyboard comes from. As Func’s first attempt at a gaming keyboard, it will definitely be a redefining moment for it to be good at what it does. With plenty of features like full N-key roll over and the detachable palm rest, as well as…

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Great First Step

Being Func's first attempt at a high end gaming keyboard, the Func KB-460 is a great performer. It offers all the high end features you would expect such as Cherry MX switches, a braided cable, and key re-assignment and macro settings.

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