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The Genius Ring Style Wireless Presenter is an impressive unit – perfect for those who present on a regular basis, may it be for businesses, schools, students, teachers, or professionals. With a small, stylish, and comfortable frame, power laser and wireless range, easy interface and functionality, and solid battery life, there is not much more you could ask from Genius.

Genius Ring Style Presenter

The areas we would ding Genius on are button layout and price. If the laser button and blank button swapped place, it would make a lot more sense considering the pointer will be used the most out of the two and deserves the middle area more than the blank. While it can be reprogrammed, it must be done through Windows as there is no accompanying software. Finally the price, we feel, is about $10 over from making the product an impulse buy.

Genius Ring Style Presenter

Overall the $39.99 Genius Ring Style Wireless Presenter is worth the money; but if it was priced just $10 less, it would certainly fall into the category of ‘want’ rather than ‘need’. Regardless of who you are, if you do present often or are looking for a slim, handy tool to liven your talks, look no further than the Ring Style Presenter. We certainly recommend it, and believe it is worth the modest price, especially for a quality product of this ergonomic size and functionality. Now if they could only implement a trackpad in this design…

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  1. Dear Deepak,
    I bought the product 15 months ago, I used it about 10 times, and now I cannot charge it, when I connect the device, the blue light starts to flash. first fast, and after a time, slowly. The proble is that when I tried to use ot the last time, it doesn’t work, only works when it is connected. Do you have any recommendation for that?

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