Reeven Polariz Fan Controller Review – Keeping cold cool.


Now let’s start it up and see how the Polariz monitors the performance of our fans.As you can see we started it off with all the fans off. The temperature in the top compartment is 25.6C and the lower (PSU) compartment is 23.3C. The far left knob controls are two intake Jetflo 120s the middle knob controlling the top exhaust (CW14) and the far right controlling the rear exhaust (CW12).

Next we want to see if the Polariz allows our fans to pump out their maximum RPM’s. The Jetflo’s are rated at max 2000RPM, as you can see they are up around 2100 so they are putting in overtime with the Polariz. The CW14 is performing at 750 which is 50 under rated of its max 800 which is 93% of its advertised potential. The CW12 is running at 1530 which is above its advertised potential.

Everything seems to be running great. Until we tried turning the fans on and off a few times.

As you can see here we have 0 RPM’s coming out of max voltage on our two CW fans. We tried trouble shooting this by switching cables, switching channel ports and finally we had to reset the computer for those fans to turn back on. Given the fact that the Jetflo fans are not affected when put under the same circumstances we can only assume the issue is with the CW fans interacting with the Polariz. Reset the computer and everything works fine again but each time we turn the fans off and try to restart, sometimes one or both of the CW fans won’t turn back on.

Final Thoughts

Overall our experience with the Polariz and the Cold Wing fans was not as great as we wanted it to be, but wasn’t a complete bust either. The installation of the Polariz although slightly tedious, we hope is only case specific and doesn’t happen with all cases. Adding a little length on the unit wouldn’t hurt just to ensure that you can use your 5.25 bay tray and not have to innovate ways to hold it in place.

Polariz does a great job of monitoring and allowing you too control and interact with your fans without the use of software, which for those who need fan control on the fly works out perfectly. Just don’t turn them down all the way or you may be in trouble trying to get the fans back on. We were unable to find the Polariz on Amazon but was going for 52.99USD on Newegg at the time of this review. The Polariz is going to take our Silver seal today and we hope to see some improvement in the future but are still decently happy with the performance.

The Coldwing fans, besides the unfortunate circumstance of not communicating properly with the Polariz are great fans with great specs for their fairly budget price of $13.90 for the CW14 and $7.99 for the CW12 on Newegg. They will take our Bronze Seal as they are in a good price range and offer great airflow.


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Creating and designing products with profession, quality, and value. Always being open to ideas and suggestions from our customers. This is the vision of Reeven; a relatively young company which started in 2009 in a small office in Taiwan wanting to bring the consumer the "perfect  user experience".Today we introduce you to Reeven for the first time from TechnologyX in the form of the Polariz Fan Controller accompanied by two of Reeven's Cold Wing fans, a 120mm & 140mm.Dive in with us while we take our initial Reeven experience. Unboxing & Contents The Polariz comes in a black box with…

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Polariz is a decent fan controller with a few hiccups to work out while the Coldwing fans are a good budget buy.

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