Kingston Class 10 UHS-I (U1) SDXC Ultimate 64GB Card & MobileLite G3 Card Reader Review


In testing with QuickBench 4.0, we benchmarked with both the Large File Test, as well as the Extended File Test.  In the first, QuickBench determines read and write speeds of files graduating from 2-10MB while in the second, the file sizes increase significantly from 20-100MB.

Kingston SDXC QuickBench Large File Analysis

Kingston SDXC QuickBench Extended File Analysis

Considering the high for these test was 33MB/s for both read and write performance, we were very surprised.  These are still performance results WELL ABOVE the standard for UHS-I (U1) however, we really believed these results would match that of our testing in Windows, just as we saw in testing the Lexar SDXC card.


Here we see much the same with ZoneBench 2.0, where the different transfer speeds associated to file sizes are monitored:

Kingston SDXC ZoneBench 2.0 Analysis

ZoneBench reflected the results of QuickBench closely and similar was also seen in the Disk Speed Test, making these results consistent for all Mac OSX testing:


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