Blackberry Passport Review – Size Can Be Deceiving, Sales Cannot


The first time you get a true look, or even a ‘hands on’ with the Blackberry Passport, you are taken back by its massive size.  It is big but then again look around and notice how few people actually carry their smart phone in a case on their belt or hanging elsewhere on their body.  Let’s face it; smart phone cases attached to belts seem to have gone the way of the fanny pack now haven’t they?  It was a fad.  Samsung initially hit a home run with the size of their Galaxy Note II and now Blackberry is following suit with the Passport. In doing so, they have been able to build the most powerful and most advanced smart phone on the market today.

Blackberry Passport Rock

There are so many benefits to the Passport that others will eventually have to follow suit, the most important of which is the fact that Blackberry phones are unlocked; there is no access code required to unlock your phone for out of country use, and maybe that’s why they include the international power adapters.  We can add that there is no other cell capable of even coming close to true multi-tasking as the BB10 OS can and this is why it was so important to ensure recent releases have the most powerful components that money can by.  Battery life is untouchable and having a 1400×1400 HD screen at your fingertips is literally like having the fastest and smallest ultrabook that money can buy.  This doesn’t come with some negatives however…

BlackBerry Passport Car Shot

Apps are not as plentiful with the Blackberry 10 OS as they are with Android or IOS, even though Google jumped in and many Android Apps install and work quite easily on the Blackberry. One shortfall for me personally is the lack of Canon EOS Remote App for Android that is compatible with Blackberry and my ensuing result is having my old Samsung Galaxy Note II in my camera bag.  There may also be the issue of size, however as we mentioned, most don’t use cases much anymore and we are seeing smartphones in pockets and purses.

Blackberry Passport Keys Glasses

For our final evaluation though, we had to go back to Karen’s thoughts as she is one of those few that just has to have a keyboard.  Her initial concerns were seen with the digital numerical keypad and not having those physical numbers that she was used to, although she believes now that she has much greater access to other features this way than she did prior.  She also thought it to be a bit big but was the first to mention that it goes in her purse anyway.  The Passport accomplished one thing, however, that no other phone could have succeeded in doing and that was bringing her into the true digital age as she found herself exploring features that she had never prior.  I have even caught her walking around the office as she held the Passport sideways, scrolling using the keyboard with her thumb.  Her only wish is that they had the red keyboard version at the time of review….very attractive design update.

Red Passport

All in all, we feel that the Blackberry passport is definitely worthy of our Innovation Award as they have done great things with their ‘touch keyboard’, things that make using a smart phone in a business setting  just that much easier.

At the end of the day though, don’t take our word for it.  Click the link below and check out what those who purchased the Passport have to say at Amazon! With over 1200 reviews, the Passport has earned a 4.6 of 5 star rating.

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Tech X Innovation Award Opt

The Blackberry Passport has been available for some nine months now and, contrary to initial predictions of failure due to its odd and rather large stature, it has prevailed. Not only has it found success, but also, its initial release experienced a 24 hour sell out of 200,000 units with supply and demand issues remaining even as we write this report...several months after release. It is popular. It is the most powerful smart phone on the market. It has an enormous HD screen. It is unlocked. Its battery lasts in excess of 24 hours and it is big. It is…

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Most Powerful Smartphone Built!

The BlackBerry Passport can be easily overlooked at first appearance due to its size and weight. This size and weight turns out to be a huge plus for the Passport, enabling the most powerful and most complete multi-task environment available in a smart phone.

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  1. It’s a beautiful piece of innovation! #ProudPassportOwner


  3. Fantastic Phone!

  4. Best phone but please dont be a fool and say it has sold much? Compared to what? How many passports sold so far?

    • There is no suggestion of any sales comparison with any phone, but rather, unexpected sales success despite initial critics views that the passport would flop. Not only did initial supply sell out, but also, sales of the Passport within recent months, as well as the fact that BB is seeing around 2 million phone sales quarterly, goes to silence any critic of BB’s direction.

      • Are you kidding me? First of all the number is not 2 million. Then 2 million includes all phones. Look there ios no one who wants Blackberry to succeed more than me but being a fool is not helpful. Passport has been a flop. The device business has a negative valuation in the stock market.
        Today Blackberry as a company is priced at net cash on hand plus Free cash to be generated from SAF over its lifetime.. give or take.
        What was the intial claim/expectation? what is counted as success? Total cost (total economic costs) of passport is more than revenues so its a big flop.

      • BBRY is losing money on phones. If not where is the money going? SAF revenues are high margins, sopftware is high margin.

  5. Wow! Great review of the best phone out there! Nice!

  6. Hi, Just a small precision, a 2 finger swipe from top to bottom will bring the quick access menu (even in any app). When you get use to it, swiping is so much more natural that the button on other mobile (and I have all kind to test)

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    Say it with me LES TOKARRR leader of the orcs DESTROYER OF ALLIANCE dominator of night elf uterus’

  8. Just got my Silver Edition Blackberry Passport. I’ve had Iphone’s and a Note 4, and I’ve yet to have a device that is as fast and elegant as my Passport. This thing rocks!

  9. Nice review, I’m leaving my Galaxy Note 3 for a brand new Passport Silver Edition I just ordered yesterday. Can’t wait for it; looking to escape from being forced onto Google’s cloud and want real security on my devices from now on. I no longer want my phone to be Google’s ad revenue bitch, I want ti to be my own trusted device.

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