BlackBerry Z30 Review – Smartphone Without Competition

BlackBerry Z30 4


Unlike the iPhone or Galaxy, the Z30 is solid in your hands and weighs 6oz.  It has a 5″ super AMOLED touch display, Dual Core 1.7 GHz Qualcomm MSM8960T Pro CPU, 2GB of memory with 16GB of flash storage and is 4G LTE ready which we can attest to working just fine at that speed.  It has 1280×720 resolution with 295 ppi, is capable of 1080P video, accepts a 64GB SD card, and has just under 2 days of battery life with normal use on its 2880 maH battery.  This is a huge jump on the Z10 and slight boost over the Galaxy.  It is also quad band and supports LTE, HPSA, UMTS, GPRS, EDGE, and GSM and guess what else… It’s unlocked!

The 8MP camera is rather unique as it has such features as image stabilization and HDR (high dynamic resolution) to even out those bright backgrounds, but also, BB 10 has something called Time Shift.  With Time Shift, several pictures are taken in succession within tenths of a second, and these allow you to eliminate such things as blinking or that wrong look.  Simply pick what picture is best by moving the scale left or right to the perfect shot.   This is an incredibly useful feature.


There are no buttons on the face of the Z30 and the power button can be found top center.  On the right, there are two volume buttons with a voice activation button between them. On the left side, you will find a mini-HDMI port, along with micro-USB for the USB connector cable to a PC, or for charging.  With it’s smooth glass touchscreen edge, rear carbon fiber style cover and solid feel, most would agree that the Z30 is easily the victor in build and appearance.

BlackBerry Z30 5


Perhaps listening to the public outcry for the availability of Apps, BB10 has upgraded the OS to 10.2.1 which allows for the installation of most Android Apps.  Such places like the Amazon Store, APK Train and SNAP APK Downloader make downloading just about any Android app quick and easy…just about.  Unfortunately for us Canon EOS users the one app that doesn’t work is the Canon EOS Remote App which provides for remote shooting and viewing of pictures on the smartphone.

With our trip to Taiwan came the biggest hiccup with the Z30 and the BB 10 OS.  Unlike IOS and Android, BlackBerry cannot get both phone and data on the same card, at least in Asia where we used it in Taiwan and China on data plans only.  It took our standing in line at the cell counter for 20 minutes for 3 different companies to confirm what the first told us in the first place.  In the end, we were relegated to data only and, surprisingly, there wasn’t a hitch whatsoever as Skype seems to have improved reception significantly.

BlackBerry Z30 9


When we quoted the BlackBerry Z30 as being a smartphone without competition, that is because we believe it.  There are simply so many features that make this smartphone stand above the rest that we couldn’t fit them into one article.  Impressive things such as multitasking, the ability to separate work and personal use, time shifting photos, great battery life, the ability to install and use Android apps, as well as the fact that this phone is available totally unlocked, makes the BlackBerry Z30 purchase a no-brainer.  As much as I would never have believed it, it remains to be my choice in smartphones.  Editor’s Choice!

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Editors Choice-TechX copy Opt

If you would have told me that I would be starting a report with that title 3 weeks ago, I would have said you were nuts.  A necessary evil of my work, I have been carrying around a BlackBerry for several years now and have never been impressed.  I am sorry but it is true.  Right now, I have in my hands the BlackBerry Z10, as well as the Z30, and you will be hard pressed to get either away from me any time soon.  The only reason that BlackBerry hasn't stolen millions of smartphone sales away from IOS or…

Review Overview

Product Build
App Support

Multitasking Genious!

If you are one to use your phone extensively, the BlackBerry z30 is the only option as its multitasking capabilities have yet to be seen in any other smartphone.

User Rating: 2.89 ( 82 votes)


  1. Fantastic review. Could not agree more.

    Thank you.

  2. It is a great phone. Your review got kinda dis-jointed, you started talking about the Z10 and somehow got off onto the Z30.
    Personally I prefer the Q10 or Z10 for better one-handed use, but otherwise the Z30 is a powerful smartphone.

  3. Yes Blackberry makes very very good phones. Too bad some people can be paid to write bad articles. But you know what they say Trend is your Friend. There are more sheeps in this world. All the leaders and the Rich have Blackberry’s. All the poor and the Clowns have iPhones and Samsungs, who like toys.

  4. Finally a review of the BB10 phones and OS where the author doesn’t feel the need to state BlackBerry’s current situation to make you second guess whether you should get the phone or not. Just an honest review that is informative and unbiased.

  5. I got a Z30 about 6 months ago. Everyone who sees what it can do is amazed, sharing easily, remote access, quick browser and long battery life to mention just some of the highlights. It is truly an excellent work tool.

  6. I actually just won a Z30 from attending the “BlackBerry Experience ” in Toronto. Love it. Can’t wait for the Z50.

  7. I’m surprised that you found the BB10 operating system to be a learning curve, but maybe it’s just a distant memory for me. The great thing about BlackBerry is how easy it is to remain on a call, switch to speakerphone, and search for information pertaining to your call.

    • I remember when I first set up the Z10 just after it launched in Canada. I also thought it was easy to learn, but I can see how some would have troubles for the first few days. It’s not so much hard, it’s just different. The older we get, out minds get in the way in this regard. Honestly, my two year old daughter was actually navigating the Z10 in no time. I don’t mean just swiping here and there, I mean opening YouTube, Piano apps, Games. I was shocked how she did it with such purpose in such a short time. When I won my Z30, I noticed that BlackBerry made changes in how they set up the tutorials when you first boot the device up. They also added a tutorial icon with how to videos included. Hopefully this will help new customers.

      • Thanks Burk.. For me, I RARELY rave about a product and there is nothing better than finding a winner in an underdog. A few weeks back I swore by my Note II. Today, unintentionally I have converted at least 3 friends to new Z30 users with multi-tasking demonstrations. More and more we realize how, before this phone, multi-tasking really wasn’t that apparent and simple.

        • Hey Les. I hope you don’t mind, but I posted your last comment and this article on my BBM Channel titled “BB POWERED ” Channel Pin C001C1D66 (Thursday June 12th)

  8. Yes, i love my Z30, it’s a great smartphone. The battery is really great and BlackBerry 10 is very fast and easy to handle. Best phone ever.

  9. I really love my Z30 and BB10.

  10. Nice to see a positive review! I love my Z10. Running leak of 10.3 and it’s great! Would love to have Z30 or coming Z50..phablet. Bring it on BB. I don’t need no crApple.

  11. consultingsince78

    Maybe I’m missing something. I have a Samsung Galaxy S5 (after my S4 which was after my S3). I typically have four or five apps running concurrently. I could have more but the phone, calendar, email, browser, messaging and Waze apps are typically running all day. You can even have two of them running side-by-side on a split screen. It does take two taps to switch from the app on the display to one of the other apps that are running at the same time. I know that this is real multitasking because I can make an appointment in my calendar while I am on the phone with a client, email is arriving all the time and Waze can be watching my driver’s progress.

    Am I not multitasking?

    • In my use of the word ‘can’t’ I include the fact that 99% of Galaxy or iPhone users will never multi-task as it is not an easily recognizable and accomplished task. Going back less than 2 years ago, we attended South Korea at the request of Samsung and were shown and discussed unreleased product where this exact topic was discussed at length. If you remember back then, multi-tasking was followed by a delay in moving from one app to another, followed by the global release of the multi-tasking bar. The ‘delay’ was solved by more efficient use of memory and suspending apps not front and center, and the multi-tasking bar was intended to try to introduce people to multi-tasking. It still meant cutting the screen in half and, until recently, only specific programs being acceptable for this purpose. The Z30 tackles these problems head on by creating a new screen that can contain 8 active apps or tasks that are easily identifiable and can be moved between at a moments notice. BB’s presentation makes multi-tasking a natural function, whereas others do not. Admittedly, my test subject on this is my wife who is very average with respect to technology. As I, she has had the Galaxy Note for years. If I put it in her hand today and asked her to show me a sample of multi-tasking, she cannot. If I then placed the Z30 in her hand, she would fly…it is just that…natural.

  12. I’ve been rocking the z30 for 9 months now. It is simply better, in every way, than anything else. Im still learning things that keep moving it closer to perfection than i thought the day before.

  13. Thanks for the review. It was a joy to read, I really like the style. Anyway, good to finally read some unbiased reviews about BlackBerry devices.

  14. Thanks for the objective review! Owned Z30 for 5 months, I can say that everything you wrote is true. Amazing phone, most of all I love the Interface of Z30, BlackBerry Hub, PC Sync, Camera, etc, etc. I can name the features for a long time. And more to come in BlackBerry 10.3.1 we are waiting for. So thanks again, great review!

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  16. BlackBerry cannot get both phone and data on the same card, at least in
    Asia where we used it in Taiwan and China on data plans only. Could you please elaborate what that means. I am trying to get myself my first smartphone and I travel to Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong frequently. Would that affect this BB Z30 routine phone operation at all. Thanks.

    • After posting the question 4 months ago, I made a trip to Singapore and Malaysia with just a Nokia x3. I am sorry you didn’t answer my question, however I found out that’s how carriers operate there just like all the cells sold unlocked with several languages apps installed. On July 17, I decided to make a daring jump into BB Z30 upon against the advice from all the people I have talked to. Just like you have said that it isn’t the learning curve per se, it is just different. My wife has a Xiaomi (android) she bought last November when she visited her folks in Malaysia. I have learned to educate myself how to surf through android phones. My conclusion is that my BB Z30 on OS is just brilliant. I am going to get one for my daughter too. Many thanks to you though Les@TheSSDReview. Wishing you the best.

  17. had to post on this, I’ve had so many cell phones ! Samsung, iPhones, Sony, Ericcsons and on and on, years ago I also had a Blackberry Pearl, which was an amazing phone, but I wanted a larger screen more options . . . . years later after being totally fed up with the iPhone and it’s purely awful battery, I remember my old BB and how great the call quality was, how it never dropped a call, and it’s battery went on forever, I toyed with the idea of a Z10, but knew the Z30 was on the horizon, so I waited, so glad I did, this phone ROCKS, nothing touches it, I will never go back, I’m ‘for BB’ for good . . . . loving my Z30, picking up a second one, unlocked in white, currently have a black one locked to Rogers, get this phone folks you’ll never regret it, so in love with my BB ! I agree with everything this review says, the features on this phone are amazing

  18. BB10 is awesome operating system with fully graded features I made an complete Infographics regarding to enterprising security features of blackberry 10 ostechbulk

  19. I want one , great review.

  20. I love this phone! And this might sound like a dumb question, but can the Z30 download the same apps as the iPhone?

  21. I love this phone! And this might sound like a dumb question, but can the Z30 download the same apps as the iPhone?

  22. Good to see a clear and factual discussion from someone who really knows what he is talking about and is not biased by the ‘fads’ that seem to draw in so many with a lack of understanding of what a business user really wants and needs – Well done Les.

  23. Sjoukelina Krijgsman

    Just ordered the Z30 now I still can.

    I have been using the Z10 for over a year now, non stop and I agree, nothing beats it’s OS and how it multitasks. It is just as fast now as it was when I bought it. I do not use “social” apps like instagram or snapchat, I guess if that is one’s cup of tea then head over to an Android.

    But for reading and composing emails (love the predictive text, it remembers e.g. those insanely long international bank account numbers and exactly when needed) and browsing (love the reader mode). My partner’s LG P880 Optimus 4x HD phone is so slow that I actually get annoyed seeing her using it. It once was LG’s flagship and got rave reviews, but really, it was the worst phone I ever handled. Probably Blackberry will abandon the BB10 platform due to miserable sales, but that doesn’t mean the phone will stop working any time soon.

    And I agree, everybody who see my Z10 are surprised they still exist. And are impressed by it’s capabilities. Ah well, let’s consider it our little secret and treasure it as long as we can….



    • I still carry the Z30 but have to admit I also jumped on board the new iPhone 6sPlus for its newest features. To be able to simply press on an icon and then a subsequent menu sure beats having to open the program to start…similar with e-mails…just press and read….

      • Sjoukelina Krijgsman

        For me, I cannot justify the cost of a new iPhone 6s (plus), or even an older model which sells for incredibly high prices. I’d rather carry the iPad mini instead for the “apps” when needed. Small and light enough to bring along basically everywhere, and gives me much more screen estate than a phablet. More bang for bucks as to speak 🙂

  24. Thank you for your remarkable review. I’ve been a long user of BlackBerry since Bold 9000. I’ve been having so much difficulties since my BB Z10 OS malfunctioned recently. I needed to get my recent contact, photo & video out from memories out from my Z10. Yet, it was unsuccessful. I’ve decided to replace Z10 without thinking of up-graded to Z30. Now, I am seriously thinking to up-graded & buying Z30. Is there any advise in order to transfer memories from Z10 to Z30? Thank you!

  25. hi….just wanna asking about my blackberry Z10…i can use whatsapp untill end year. so for the next year i cant use whatsapp anymore. what should i do? is it for all blackberry z10 user??

  26. hi…i’m a user blackberry z10. n i realize that my whatsapp can use till this end year only. so how about next year?? i hope that have a solution without buy a new phone.

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