Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Disassembled – The Note 2 As You Have Never Seen It

Chances are that if you have your own Galaxy Note II right now, you are a Tech Geek like most and find yourself hunting down articles that might disclose just a few more tricks that you didn’t know.  The truth is that Samsung has hit a home run by creating a device with a never ending bag of tricks, many of which haven’t been seen prior on any similar device.  Myself, I had just settled into my new life as an iPad addict when the Note 2 came along and, although both are with me at all times, the iPad now suffers from a severe case of neglect.  I am sure the Note 2 has made life a lonely place for many iPads out there.

Note 2

The truth is that I have been holding back on doing an article as deserving as it just may be, however, time is harder to come by these days when we are juggling endless tasks with the holiday season upon us.  After all, such features as the Note 2’s quad core processor, high res camera, amazing battery life, full HD video and gorilla glass screen need to be spoken of as well as the ability to dramatically improve websites viewing through the inclusion of flash and the ability to upgrade Note II storage with a 64GB SD card.

For now though, thanks to Samsung Tomorrow, we get an up close and personal look at the Note 2 as nobody has dared to show it just yet, disassembled.  Their article entitled, ” Anatomy of The Galaxy Note 2: A Closer Look” takes us where none ventured yet and then details each and every piece with a narrative.  Here is a quick look of their breakdown but make sure to visit the link for the meat and gravy of the Note 2 disassembly:

Note II Dissected

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