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Even before you put the device in the case you can feel the rigidity of the case. It’s firm and feels like something you’d trust your phone in. First, before putting the case in we applied the screen protector. Which easily enough comes with instructions right on the peel off tabs indicating which side is the outside and which is to affix to the screen. In doing that, we cleaned the screen with the supplied cloth and applying the adhesive side with the cardboard applicator to squeeze out the air bubbles. We managed to get all but a few out , but nothing major. Once you have the one side on peel off the second side and click the device into the case. You’re ready to go. Now that you’ve got it in your hand you can feel the recessed yet completley accessible and large buttons, which keep the accesibility at a maximum even if you aren’t looking directly at the case it’s easy to locate them and figure out which is for what. At the bottom of the case you’ll see the cut out slots, the left most being an oversized cut out headphone jack and as well as clear line of sight for the microphone. Next to that is the charger slot which also is oversized to fit various different jacks. Lastly, the speaker cutout, to keep that clear sound of the device. Remember all devices cases are somewhat different and that our review is based on an iPhone 6+.

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These cutouts being oversized have pro’s and con’s. The pro is definitely the fact they fit a variety of different branded plugs and don’t limit you to a certain type as we’ve noticed apple tends to do over the years. Con is the fact that they have no dust cover, so be weary of what you do and take extra precautions to ensure you don’t get to much dirt and grime into the slots. This can be done by keeping it in safe keeping while in dirtier conditions or just thourougly clean your case and device when you notice it gettings a little dirty.

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On to the screen protector. At first it seems like it’ll be good enough.  One big issue we had with this case was when we put it into action on an actual Military training exercise (Trg Ex) in Wainwright, Alberta. The adhesive on the screen applicator when put through a two week Trg Ex, started to peel around the edges. No extra effort was put into trying to make the product pass or fail. Just regular day to day routine in the life of a Combat Engineer. The structure held strong and didn’t wreck or show signs of failure even on the occasions it was dropped from even a few more then the advertised 48”. Confidence in the case is still present. Just in the dusty climate these adhesives eventually get a little dirt under and it starts to snowball and peel more and more and once that dirt is under and attached to the screen, it’s game over for the integrity of the screen protector. If you can manage to keep the screen clean though this case is a reliable and trusted option.


If you visit the UAG site, you’ll see a slew of customer testimonials and stories of how this case has saved people from the dreaded phone replacement costs. Which in this day and age with phones exceeding $500, no one wants to have to replace a full device. Motorcycle Drop, Note II survives 100’ drop, Ran over by Dodge Ram. These are just a few of the testomonials claimed on the UAG website, which boost our confidence in the case just hearing about them. Running you $34.95 on Amazon this case will save you hundreds of dollars if you drop your device. Compared to most designer cases out there this price is hardly much to pay for a tried, tested and true product. This case is well deserving of our Bronze Seal of Approval!

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MIL STD 810G – 516.6 ... Now to most this just seems like an acronym and jargon, but to UAG (Urban Armor Gear) it’s a proud and strong badge of honour. UAG cases are certified and approved through Met Laboratories Inc. Achieving this certification is no easy feat. Drops from 48” on each face, corner and back totalling 26 falls is quite the amount of impact. To still have a perfectly functional device and no touch screen damage after that is definitely something to wear proudly on your brand. Urban Armor Gear produces cases for Apple, LG, Microsoft, Google, Samsung…

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Great product at a great price! We can only recommend dust covers for the plugs and some improvements to the screen protector to bring case to an untouchable level.

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