MSI Shows Off New AIO’s & Laptops – CES 2015 Update

We stopped by MSI’s suite at CES 2015 and took a peek at their new products for 2015, most of what was shown on the desktop are things that have already been released so our focus shifted to the notebook and AIO side.


MSI’s AIOs have some serious bark, with some models coming in at up to 4k and even packing a GTX 980m. Let’s take a peek!



With the Latest 4th Gen Intel Core i7 CPU, Killer E2220 NIC and a Nvidia GTX 900m series card yet to be released, MSI’s Super Raid 2 with up to 3 SSD’s in RAID 0 MSI’s anti-flicker and their Blue Light reduction for less eye strain on a gorgeous 23.6″ 4k 10 point touch screen LCD panel with LED backlight this is a surefire iMac killer.



Boasting most of the same features as the system above such as Super RAID 2 a killer e2220 NIC, a 4th Gen i7 CPU, this time only with a 27 inch 1080P LCD panel this system is much more suited for gaming with an NVIDIA GTX 980m with 8GB of Vram…Yes you heard right 8GB of VRAM on a AIO. The 980m is very close to what the GTX 970 desktop version performs at and will be a great addition to any gamers life. It is currently available at amazon and a 4k version should be available in March.

Laptops and Notebooks 


The MSI GS30 Shadow may look like your typical 13.3 inch notebook packing 16GB of RAM a Core i7 4870HQ with a Iris Pro 5200 graphics and wireless AC but it also has a bit of a secret. It can support any MSI Desktop GPU from the AMD R9 290x to the NVIDIA GTX 980 with a docking station that has a 450 watt PSU (good enough for any single GPU out there) can also fit a 3.5 inch HDD and has a large speaker inside. The idea here is simple, a nice powerful laptop with solid integrated graphics when you are on the go and a very powerful gaming PC when you are at home.  This is something we very much look forward to trying out. It’s MSRP is $1999.99 with dock and MSI will offer bundle deals with their own GPU’s giving you the option to pick what you want.


The G80 Titan SLI is unfortunately not powered by 2 GTX Titans like the name suggests, it is the first Gaming Notebook with a built in Cherry MX keyboard which is made by Steelseries and its trackpad can turn into a numpad with the touch of a button. Also explaining its namesake it is fitted with dual GTX 980m graphics cards which should be faster than any single desktop GPU on the market. But wait…There is more!

It has four M.2 ports which are easily accessible by removing 2 screws, once opened this shows how easily upgradable this system is, showing the RAM, M.2 Ports and 1TB HDD along with disk drive.

The MSI G80 Titan SLI starts at $3299.99 and up to $3799.99 and will be available at your favorite retailers in the next few weeks.

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