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1More Triple Driver Over-Ear H1707 Headphone Review

The easiest method of telling whether you really favor the sound and fit of a particular set of headphones is, quite simply, how much they are on your head.  In my case, I have long passed the burn in phase of these 1More H1707 Triple Driver’ and somehow find myself having returned to those old habits of late late night …

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Technology X Affiliate Reviews for May 14, 2014

Did you ever find a product you really like and want to share? That’s how I feel about Sennheiser’s Adidas OCX 685i Sport Headset. The best headset I have yet to experience for running. Comfort and sound, I have not found with any other headset. If you are looking to purchase a new headset for the gym, I recommend you …

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Jaybird Bluebuds X Bluetooth Headphone Review

There is nothing better than latching on to a piece of technology that just makes sense.  In the case of today’s look at the Jaybird Bluebuds X Bluetooth headphones, the first question that came to mind was that of why I hadn’t grabbed a set of wireless headphones sooner.  After all, I have had headphone cords hanging from my ears …

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