On Line Or In Line Which Are You

Are you like me and don’t mind crowds, lines and actually like the hustle and bustle of holiday shopping?   I purposely leave my stocking stuffers until the 23rd of December just so I can be a part of the craziness. I will attest that I do not like the parking lots, it’s a good time to use a taxi, bus or Uber.

The craziest shopping thing I ever made my husband do was go to New York City for the Thanksgiving Day parade and Black Friday. Rest assured he will probably not do that again.  The parade was awesome and I loved the atmosphere.

But, shopping on Black Friday in New York City is ridiculous. The first store we went to Best Buy, for the boys, had a line up around not one but two city blocks. Even they didn’t want to wait. Next we hit up Macy’s and when we finally made it through the door we could not move. I couldn’t even get my arms up to take a photo. That was a little too much even for me.

Which brings me to why so many people like to shop online.  Shopping online is good when you know what product want.  You simply check availability online and voila, order it. No crowds, no lines, no cranky people and best of all no parking lots.

Here are a few things on my Christmas shopping list, maybe they will help you.

One of the top gifts this year is expected to be the Instant Pot.  I love this product and will definitely be getting one for my mother-in-law.

My favorite gift, I received a couple of years ago and still available is the Sony Cybershot camera.  Perfect gift for those looking for a good, inexpensive waterproof camera. My father-in-law is going to love it for his upcoming vacation.Throw in a camera floating device they will thank you.

Don’t forget the children. Our granddaughter’s list is full of Lego, specifically the Disney Frozen Castle.

One of my favorite new toys I won at CES this year, Amazon Echo, you need to buy one of these for yourself.  Mine brightens our day with jokes and music, while my hairdresser uses his for timing hair treatments. There are so many reasons you need this under your tree.

Wow that was easier than I thought, all in stock, available and on their way.  Good luck with your Black Friday shopping.

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