Cooler Master Masterbox Q300P Unboxing Review


To start with features we will be touching on the thermal solution of the Q300P first.We see a new honeycomb design here to create an outstanding potential for custom set ups. Included are the specs for the fan placement, however, with the honeycomb design there is plenty of room for play as this system is truly modular. For the front intake panel we have room for either 2 140mm fans or 2 120mm fans. Included with the chassis are two pre-installed RGB 120mm fans on the front as well as 1 120mm non RGB exhaust fan on the rear. Both the bottom and the top are 120mm only with room for one next to the PSU and two on the top honeycomb.This chassis may rely a little more on memory options like and M2 drive or PCIE SSD. The only spot here for a 3.5″ drive is in the cable management area where a quick release tray is provided. For the 2.5″ we see two slots in the main motherboard section that will provide a good home for your SSD’s.Cable management should not be an issue here. Cooler Master has added in a huge 28mm clearance to clean up the addition of all the cables. We enjoy the ability to easily hide and sort through cables.We touched on this chassis at CES 2018 this year and were happy to get the first look at this small, portable minimalistic chassis.

Final Thoughts

As far as chassis with limited space are concerned, the Q300P succeeds in creating a modular transport safe design. For a chassis designed for the smaller spectrum of components we really see an extremely spacious design. As with everything, a few drawbacks include the lack of memory space as well as a non RGB exhaust fan. We would like to see an addition of an ATX version of this chassis with potential TG in the future, but today the Q300P has earned our silver seal for its great performance, budget price and two-year warranty. 


What better way to start a snowy day than to look at the brand new addition to the Cooler Master lineup, the Q300P. This chassis is their new attempt at enticing consumers to lean more toward the mini and micro boards as opposed to ATX and E-ATX. We'll see if this smaller chassis can impress us in the duration of our un-boxing review. Packaging and Contents Cooler Master has their customary standard packaging with an absence of out of the ordinary color or interesting designs. You don't necessarily need these eye-catching features, however, when a box is sitting on a…

Review Overview

Potential Ease of Build

Budget Supremacy

You can find beautiful RGB and sleek look mixed with maximum modular design and transport saftey here. For its price, those looking to LAN or keep their everyday computer looking sleek should pick this up right away.

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