Corsair H115i Pro AIO Cooler Review

Final Thoughts

So what did we learn here? Well in simple terms this cooler has the ability to be outstanding from both ends of the PC builder spectrum. While this can be used for extreme overclocking, Corsair’s H115i Pro can also appealing to the beginner builders market. We see a ton of customization with their own software which really gives any user simplistic options to increase performance and change RGB settings. We would like to see some better cable placement on the pump module itself, however, an individual refined in the cable management skill can still keep these moderately hidden. We found the price of $139.99 USD to be extremely reasonable for the performance you are getting. Therefore this beast of a cooler has earned a gold seal.


The days of air cooling are numbered in our opinion. The technology of thermal solutions in regards to AIO liquid cooling surpasses the air cooling market in not only performance but price as well. Today we are going to be taking a look at Corsair's fresh new addition to the cooling market, the H115i Pro. We are interested to see the difference in cooling from a 240mm rad to a 280mm one. Packaging and Contents When we look at a products packaging our first question is, does this really catch your eye? The H115i with its black and yellow along…

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Looking for that extra boost in cooling? Looking to dive into the world of overclocking? Corsair's H115i Pro is your stop for performance at an acceptable price!

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