Corsair K68 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

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From functional red to eye appealing RGB we find ourselves at the end of a pleasant journey with the K68 RGB. We would have liked to see an increase in IP on the newer version of this already great keyboard, however, we are still happy with some protection. The price of $129.99 is a touch higher than the K68’s $99.99 which is to be expected with the LED lighting upgrade.The partnership with Cherry here has gone a long way to make a keyboard that is fun to look at and performs with close competitors like Razer and HyperX. Corsair’s Utility Engine makes matching system colors easy, especially if you want a circular rainbow on this beast. Corsair and their K68 RGB mechanical gaming keyboard deserve another gold seal for solid engineering and eye candy.


Today we are graced by Corsair and their new RGB version of the K68. Corsair once again sets out on the mechanical keyboard quest in search of gaming perfection.We covered the all red K68 and we cant wait to see if this board succeeds its predecessor in style. Lets Jump right in! Packaging & Contents Advertised as ultra durable, the K68 RGB comes packaged in a very standard style. There are 3 parts to this package (4 if you count the box itself), the keyboard, instruction manual and wrist rest. All included parts were organized in their own areas very…

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Looking for that something to step up your game? Pick up Corsair's K68 RGB to bring out the competitive gamer in you.

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