Samsung CES 2013 Keynote Shows Amazing Prototype 110 inch 4K Television


At the Samsung keynote the world was introduced to the newest, biggest brightest crystal clear 4k TV. Soon to be on the market? Well not really. I can’t see these being released in this size in the foreseeable future; and unless you just hit the jackpot in Vegas I’m sure the price is something less to be desired. It’s not new technology, but Samsung has the biggest and they liked showing it off. If you don’t know, 4k TV’s are four times the resolution of a 1080p display. Hence, you can stand as close as you want and the picture is clear. It’s truly like looking out of a fresh clean window and it’s always perfect out. These colours hit you so hard – the contrast and saturation, mixed with the gargantuan resolution is truly breath-taking. There is nothing like it.


With companies like Sony are also getting into the 4k race along with other competition. This will hopefully inspire more innovation, and price these TVs to something most consumers can possibly afford, because I definitely want this 110 inch screen in my tiny apartment bedroom NOW!

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