Zotac’s Big Performance In Small Packages – CES 2018 Update

Our last meeting of the day was impressive to say the least. We were greeted at the door of the showcase room in Ceasers Palace with open arms and brand new Zotac jackets. We have enjoyed the theme of GPU’s and pre built PC’s over the years and we are curious to see if Zotac stuck to their guns or branched out.   Consumers love to have smaller and smaller products for the simple reason of space management. Today we got an in-depth look at all of Zotac’s mini PC series. The new P series of all in one PC’s can literally be held in the palm of your hand. The smaller of the two has only 2 USB type C ports for outputs. We can see this being used in the business side of consumers giving the ability to display menus for restaurants or slide shows without taking up any space at all. The larger of the two is only as thick as the Ethernet port on this device. Used in a similar fashion to the smaller P1226, you can watch 1080p videos with no lag giving the user tons of options on how to incorporate this minuscule Hercules into the workplace or home space. We witnessed first hand some of the branching out we were hoping for from Zotac. New to the line of gaming peripherals are the MEK1 gaming mouse and MEK1 tactile mechanical keyboard. The world of peripherals is a dog eat dog world and we hope to be able to run these two through some tests at a later date. As is customary, Zotac’s display of GPU’s was a pleasant site. Showcased were their GTX 1050 cards all the way up to the top of the line 1080 TI AMP Extreme cards. We can speculate to see a new series of GTX card soon and we think its safe to say a Zotac version of it as well. All in all we were very grateful for the hospitality of Zotac in additon to the interesting leaps they have taken in minimalism. We bid farewell to them and continue on our path to other CES innovation!!

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