Experience a Cougar Strike – CES 2017 Update

 Whether you are looking for that new tempered glass Chassis or the latest in stylish and functional peripherals, Cougar delivers excellence on a multitude of levels and we experienced this first hand at CES 2017! Let’s start first with the Cougar Panzer, a tempered glass chassis set to release in the $150USD range. As you know TG is one of the newest fashions in showing off your gaming PC for all it’s worth and ringing the bell under $200 makes this a great choice for anyone on a tighter budget but still wishing to have that beautiful look.dsc02367_fotor

Peripherals were as always a plenty with Cougar as they introduced us to not only a budget line of mice but once again that running theme of beauty and functionality for any type of gamer out there. The Minos X3, 450, and Revenger all tipping under that $50 budget bubble but keeping style and functionality to a max. What caught our eye the most was the 700M in the gaming mouse category.dsc02381_fotor

This gaming mouse will give you a slight impression of the Level 10M from Thermaltake but takes customizing to another level with an interchangeable wrist rest as well as additional weight makes this mouse take the cake on their gaming mice.

A newer release is in Cougars first ever gaming chair and believe us, this takes comfort to another level. Get immersed in your gaming session and take enjoyment to it’s climax. Tipping the scale around $249USD, there is quite a price tag to it but if you’re in the market for a specific chair just to game, you can appreciate what Cougar has done for you here.dsc02384_fotor

A few other notable mentions go out to their Attack X3 RGB gaming keyboard as well as their Vantar keyboard which takes the laptop gamer to the desktop without sacrificing that laptop keyboard feel.


Overall, Cougar impressed us and we are more then happy to have the privilege to work with them get their outstanding products reviewed at the highest quality and out to you the consumer. But then again how can you go wrong with a company that sponsored HARDRANDOM, the League of Legends champions!

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