Las Vegas PepCom 2017 is a Technology Tailgate – CES 2017 Update

Newly released or much-anticipated, Pepcom never fails to give us an early glance into what is to be expected throughout CES 2017. Rocking a football theme, with cheerleaders to keep you in tune, we were not disappointed with neither the presentation nor the content of Pepcom this year at Las vegas’ Mirage Resort.Pepcom

Zagg, who introduced us to the Flex Arc around the neck, speaker/earbud combo, was one of many of the companies we had a chance to exchange some words with and find out a little more about what they had to offer. This year we took special interest in their iPad protection and interaction product, The Rugged Book Pro. Key features being six-foot drop protection and the ability to pair with multiple devices, make sure to keep an eye out for a full review in the near future.dsc02353_fotor

True wireless headphones are another innovation we are interested in covering this year. Motorola as well as Plantronics are a couple of the companies that showcased truly wireless products. If you’re not familiar with what “true wireless” means, it’s the complete segregation of the two ear buds. Eliminating not only the cord that connects to your device but eliminating the cord connecting the earbuds.Motorola

As you may have noticed over the past year we have also taken a strong interest in home monitoring systems. Whether they are baby monitors or home security systems, protecting your home and its inhabitants is always important. Motorola has come forward with a few home monitoring devices. The Hugo and The Orbit.

Orbit is a completely wireless cloud/sd storage device that has a battery life of up to three months. With a magnetic base you can angle this device however you wish as well as change its location in your home if multiple bases are present. We look forward to working with Motorola more on these devices as the year unfolds.

MotorolaThese were just a few of the stand out products we saw at Pepcom and look forward to getting full reviews out for as soon as we can.

With such a great start to our CES 2017 trip, we bid adieu to Pepcom and look forward to being on the scene to showcase the rest of this years hottest items for you, stay tuned and talk to you soon!

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