Big Things in Small Packages at Zotac – CES 2017 Update

Zotac is always surprising us with their performance in gaming and this year at CES is no different. With the release of the 1080 video cards it was only a matter of time before some major mods happened to it.dsc02485_fotorA few of the stand out cards we saw in their display were their ArcticStorm edition of the 1080 and their GTX 1080 mini.dsc02484_fotorNow, how beautiful is that?! Notice the two fans are different sizes engineered for peak performance. This is truly a beautiful piece of machinery and all in 211mm, can you believe that?! dsc02471_fotorWe also got to take a look at their line of mini-pc’s. These small-form computers well linked with their Graphics Dock are powerful machines, capable of concurring the toughest of foes.dsc02472_fotorLastly, we got to experience the their VR backpack and boy was that outstanding. Made to be lightweight while not sacrificing performance. They paired it with a wireless headset to reduce unnecessary cords. dsc02488_fotorWhen all was said and done, we were excited for the line of cards and products Zotac has on the way.

Stay tuned for more from CES ’17

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