Patriot EVLVing at CES 2018

Taking a trip to the Bellagio for us synonymous with visiting Patriot and today we are quite excited to get a first hand look at the EVLVR thunderbolt external SSD. Boasting speeds of 1500 MB/s read and 1000 MB/s write at the 1TB capacity of this drive it will be an essential piece of kit for many. Made up of a PCIe M.2 SSD this thunderbolt 3 USB type C connector can cover up to 40Gbps bandwidth.

Viper LED RAM available in red or white LED’s will be a great compliment to your already brilliant system as well. Speeds available from 2400 to 4133 MHz there are definitely a few choices to make and if you want a few more colour options, well you can hold off on the purchase till the release of RGB DRAM hopefully around Q2. With dual-kits being released in 16Gb – 32Gb capacities and speeds of 2666 – 4266MHz and will be available with either a white or black heat-shield.

Finally, we got a few hints on some upcoming peripheral releases. However, so much still in the planning phase that they aren’t even named yet. 

The keyboard to be a downsized version of the V770 yet featuring box switches which are something new for us to see and have a slightly shorter actuating distance. The display unit features red-switches which are known for their linear actuating, while we hope they also release a blue switch version. Last but not least is their prototype wireless mouse with wireless charging mouse pad. We look forward to getting more and more info and providing you with our thoughts and reviews as soon as possible. That’s all for now and we are off to the next stop!

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