HyperX Cloud Alpha Pro Gaming Headset Review

Features and Comfort
The HyperX Cloud Alpha brings us some brand new features in professional HyperX style. First, is the dual chamber design, while some might draw a blank when reading that, no worries Dual chambers he two chambers are quite a nifty design accomplishing two tasks at once. HyperX’s design cuts the distortion of conventional headsets down and provides more distinction when hearing sounds. Given that one chamber is for bass and the other for mid and high level frequency, this creates a better in-game picture in distinguishing where gunshots come from. This is especially present in games like PUBG where hearing a sound can be the difference between virtual life and death. Second on our list of features is the detachable braided cords as well as detachable microphone. This makes the cable management very easy and lets you store the microphone if you decide to go for a walk outside or listen to music on the daily commute. One thing we had a small issue with, like all braided cords, is when the cable twists on itself causing almost a kink in the line. Comfort is in high demand for PC users and gamers alike. One of the worst things to happen while in the middle of a competitive game is to feel uncomfortable. Heat that causes your ears to perspire or tightness around your head can often throw even the most casual of gamer off their game. Our Cloud Alpha has no such issues here. The ear cups are made of a very lightweight and pliable leatherette that makes your ears comfortable and cool at the same time.  The aluminum frame gives the wearer an option of having 11 different size settings on either side. On the top that sits on the head itself is HyperX’s signature memory foam designed specifically for comfort.

One can argue that the most intricate sense in the human body is the ability to listen. HyperX has been in the business of peripherals for a while now and today we are greatful for the opportunity to review their new Cloud Alpha headset.As HyperX is the leading sponsor at the Intel Masters gaming competition in addition to sponsoring many pro teams. So, our expectations are fairly high. Packaging, Contents, and Pricing In very HyperX fashion, the Cloud Alpha has the iconic red and black theme to it. A square box with different angled pictures on every side comprises the…

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Packaging and Contents

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For being a stereo headset and competing against 7.1 surround sound headsets, The HyperX Cloud Alpha succeeds in every way. For the holidays we would strongly consider picking one up for the gamer in the family!

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