HyperX Cloud Alpha Pro Gaming Headset Review

Functionality and Gaming Performance

The Cloud Alpha supports PC gaming, consoles and cellphones. For our review we tested both PC and PS4 out to to see if cross-platform, there was a difference in performance between them. On PC, which our area of expertise, we tested three games out. Star Wars Battlefront 2, Overwatch(Of Course!) and PUBG compile the experiments.Star Wars game in themselves are very nostalgic for die-hard fans and the most important part is to be able to hear all the blaster fire, light-saber battles and Tie fighters screaming by. Direction of gunshots and picking up on enemy voices made the Cloud Alpha a joy to experience. Even after 25 hours of game play, Boba Fett’s voice line still makes me cold shiver. Overwatch is more of a microphone intensive game. The need to communicate with teammates makes the need for a good microphone essential. Our Cloud Alpha’s noise canceling design enables voice clarity without picking up on the small sounds of our mechanical keyboard. PlayerUnknown BattleGrounds is a very interesting game as it mixes the importance for team communication with need to separate important sounds from nonsense ones. This headset’s 50mm dual chamber design gives you the tools to succeed in the Hunger Games like environment of PUBG. As mentioned above the noise canceling detachable mic make stalking to your teammates or begging for your life easy.

Final Thoughts

We have reviewed a good many HyperX products on our page and the only word we can think about when it comes to their products is positive. Our Cloud Alpha stereo headset really immerses the gamer in the game while providing a quality microphone for a reasonable price of $99.99 USD. The braided cord gives our headset durability however has a small tangling issue that only requires 10 seconds of your time either once a day or once every two days to un-wind.The Cloud Alpha succeeds in providing comfort both ergonomically as well as stylishly with its expandable sizing preferences and comfortable leatherette ear cup design. Multi-platform, cell phone compatible and a Discord/Teamspeak voice program certification make this a must own product. Overall the HyperX Cloud Alpha has met and surpassed our expectations and as you may have already guessed, it has earned our gold seal as well.


One can argue that the most intricate sense in the human body is the ability to listen. HyperX has been in the business of peripherals for a while now and today we are greatful for the opportunity to review their new Cloud Alpha headset.As HyperX is the leading sponsor at the Intel Masters gaming competition in addition to sponsoring many pro teams. So, our expectations are fairly high. Packaging, Contents, and Pricing In very HyperX fashion, the Cloud Alpha has the iconic red and black theme to it. A square box with different angled pictures on every side comprises the…

Review Overview

Packaging and Contents

Game Time!

For being a stereo headset and competing against 7.1 surround sound headsets, The HyperX Cloud Alpha succeeds in every way. For the holidays we would strongly consider picking one up for the gamer in the family!

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