Cooler Master Wants to Make It Yours! – CES 2016 Update

Our much anticipated meeting with Cooler Master was just as great as we could have hoped for and the products we learned about excited us for the future. As we walked into this beautiful suite, the first thing we got a look at was the newest prototype for Cooler Master. We were able to take pictures of the outside, but the inside was off-limits. This did nothing but excite us for what is to come!DSC00177_FotorWe recently reviewed the MasterCase 5 and we got to look at the MasterCase Maker 5! With an upgraded I/O panel featuring four USB ports including Type C as well as adding  a magnetic fitting to the top and front panels. The Maker 5 is huge step up from an already great MasterCase 5. The continuous growth of the MasterCase series keeps us intrigued for whats going to come next.DSC00179_FotorNext was the MasterAir Maker 8. With 3D Vapor Chamber Technology (3DVC) cooling has been improved by 19% compared to conventional base coolers by seamlessly merging the horizontal base with heatpipes. With a height of 172mm it is a tall cooler, but fits beautifully in the MasterCase.DSC00193_Fotor The top cover of the Air Maker 8 is fully customizable as well. Whether you purchase alternate tops or get crazy and create your own design through 3D printing. The possibilities are endless.DSC00192_Fotor

Last, but not least, we have the MasterWatt Maker 1200. Cooler Master’s first all aluminum, titanium digital power supply boasting 94% efficiency and unparalleled oversight and control through a spectacular app. An Ultra-quiet silent profile with a Silencio FP 135mm PWM fan that allows you to even run the PSU in fanless mode when desired.DSC00180_Fotor

The display of panels to come for customization were amazing as well, from standard steel, window, sound dampening and full glass, there is great hopes for Cooler Master’s year to come! All in all, many great things are expected this year out of Cooler Master and Technology X will be there every step of the way to keep you informed and up to date!

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