Angelbird SSD2go & Angelbird SSD2go TWIN 480GB External SSD Review – Pushing USB 3.0 To The Limit


Just to close out the testing, we have a few extra benchmarks. We see that the SandForce SF-2281 FSP is more than capable of boosting overall productivity. The file copy results are pretty quick for duplicating and moving around data. The TWIN is just a tad faster than its singular counterpart, but the difference is negligible:

angelbird ssd2g0 480gb twin 240gb copy read write

data transfer

Windows 8 boot speeds are brilliant themselves, and essentially identical:

windows 8 boot times

Finally getting to temperature, the SSDs remain cooler than the ambient environmental temperature of 20°C thanks to the aluminum metal frame. The TWIN again performs better since the two SSD PCB’s are split between a massive heatsink block, and also have less heat due to fewer NAND modules per PCB compared to the fully saturated lone 480GB SSD2go model.

overall temperatures

Due to the USB 3.0 interface, TRIM does not work as noted by TRIM check ver. 0.4. We expected TRIM not to be supported via USB 3.0 anyway, but it is if you run the Angelbird SSD2go’s using SATA 3.0 instead.

angelbird ssd2g0 480gb twin 240gb trim check

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  1. A 1TB model would be great.

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