Angelbird SSD2go & Angelbird SSD2go TWIN 480GB External SSD Review – Pushing USB 3.0 To The Limit


The Angelbird SSD2go 480GB and SSD2go TWIN 480GB (240GB x 2), simply put, are unrivaled. There are no other external SSD USB 3.0 solutions in the market at the moment that can even touch them in terms of raw performance. The benchmark results are absolutely exquisite when considering the interface these are running off of. Achieving close to SATA 3.0 – or 6Gb/s – speeds on a USB 3.0 interface, when considering all of the headroom, encoding and decoding, and the rest of the processes that hinder USB 3.0…it is difficult not to be utterly astounded.

angelbird ssd2go external usb 3.0 ssd twin 480gb 240gb

Angelbird’s custom proprietary USB 3.0 to SATA 3.0 adapter, as we have stated in the review, is what makes all of this happen. Even though it is capable of 6Gb/s, standard USB 3.0 is 5Gb/s. While there is a loss of performance, it is better to overprovision since that extra 1Gb/s present on the Angelbird controller will ensure consistent USB 3.0 SuperSpeed 5Gb/s.  Now with that said, you are looking at about a $300 premium just for the bracket alone. Without it, the Angelbird SSD2go’s are essentially SATA 3.0 SSDs in an enclosure.

angelbird ssd2go external usb 3.0 ssd twin 480gb 240gb

The price may be a bit tough to swallow for most, but those who are looking for a rugged, high-performing external solution should not hesitate a second when considering either the SSD2go or SSD2go TWIN; even if affordability is a concern, the investment will pay for itself in the long run. Keep in mind that you can customize either the way you want, and even boost the storage up to 960GB. From the solid frame and exceptional build quality, to the screaming performance and functional applications; the Angelbird SSD2go family wholeheartedly gets our complete recommendation on effectively becoming the first external SSD solution to utilize 6Gb/s and push USB 3.o to the brink.

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  1. A 1TB model would be great.

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